WATCH: Mark Levin RESPONDS to the Mueller report, explains why Mueller a coward…

Mark Levin went on Fox News tonight to discuss the Mueller report and he was on fire!

Levin tore into Mueller for this wasting America’s time with his investigation, saying Mueller should have come to the mic a long time ago and told us there was no collusion. But instead he continued to let this investigation drag on while Democrats and the media continued to besmirch Trump’s name.

With regard to obstruction of justice, Levin went further than Dershowitz and said Mueller was a coward for not stating emphatically that there was no obstruction. He said Mueller didn’t pursue it because he didn’t have probable cause.

And there’s much, much more.


Levin also posted a couple of things on Facebook today. You can read them below:


So, Mueller found NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and Russia. Consequently, THE ENTIRE REASON for the appointment of a special counsel was baseless. Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, senior FBI officials, and DOJ officials, among others, conspired to push this narrative, and the mass-media gave it voice endlessly for the last two years. FURTHERMORE, Mueller was agnostic on the issue of “obstruction”; HOWEVER, the attorney general and deputy attorney — the latter who oversaw the Mueller investigation — concluded there was no criminal basis for obstruction. I would add, if Mueller thought he had a strong obstruction case, he did nothing as special counsel to pursue it. He did not subpoena the president for an in person interview or testimony, which surely would have worked its way to the Supreme Court; and Mueller did not file a “secret” or “sealed” indictment against the president, as reckless commentators have been suggesting. In other words, Mueller did nothing to adjudicate the issue. Therefore, it should never have been in his report in the first place.

I noted on my radio show this past Friday that Mueller was likely to plant and few landmines relative to obstruction because of the way in which his office had raised the issue and initially sought to question the president about it. Moreover, there clearly has been no obstruction. Jim Comey’s firing was constitutionally authorized, the deputy attorney general had recommended Comey’s firing and he appointed the special counsel and, as I said, oversaw his investigation, the prosecutors and investigators were not hampered in any way from pursuing their probe into “Russian collusion,” and no resources were denied them, etc.



It is not the job of Mueller to “exonerate” anyone. That’s what trials are for. He’s a prosecutor. Mueller should never have dropped provocative language in the report, if that’s apparently what he did, into his report, thereby requiring the attorney general and deputy attorney general to explicitly point out that there was no probable cause for obstruction as they reviewed the facts. And I reiterate, Mueller did NOTHING to try to adjudicate this issue. That is, he had no case so he didn’t bring one.

That’s it from The Great One!

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