WATCH: Martha MacCallum debates Critical Race Theory teacher advocate who dodges and lies about CRT

Martha MacCallum really tries to have a debate over teaching Critical Race Theory in our classrooms with a teacher and CRT advocate, but it proves utterly useless as the teacher keeps dodging and lying about CRT:

MacCallum started with a very specific question of AFT President Randi Weingarten, asking about how CRT teaches that the nation was founded because of slavery. But Weingarten refuses to answer anything directly. In fact she claims that it doesn’t teach this, but MacCallum hits back saying this was taken directly from the material.

Weingarten then tries to change the subject, saying Fox News should tell the truth about the election or something. MacCallum tries to get her back on track, but it never really works. She plays dumb or brings up the election again. It’s almost like she’s afraid to actually engage on the CRT material because she can’t really defend it.

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