WATCH: Matt Walsh leaves Democrat SPEECHLESS with one simple question

Matt Walsh was before the Tennessee State House Health Committee on the topic of a youth gender bill today and left an elected Democrat absolutely speechless with a simple question.

Democrat Rep. Caleb Hemmer tried to catch Walsh in a contradiction using comments he’d made in the past. He noted that several people had testified in the hearing today that they had gender affirming surgeries at age 16. He then asked Walsh about comments he had made on his blog, that people at age 16 are adults who are mature and can make decisions.

But Walsh pointed out that’s not what he said and that Hemmer had gotten that from a Media Matters hit piece. He noted that what he was referring in that blog post 14 years ago was that people, historically, tended to marry young. He said that’s all his comments were about.

Hemmer asked Walsh if he believes people are adults at 16 and Walsh responded that people are adults at 18 but the human brain isn’t fully developed until age 25, which suggest that maybe we should be talking about banning these surgeries at age 18. “But certainly before 18, it’s absurd,” he said.

That’s when Walsh asked a simple question of Hemmer and left him absolutely speechless.

“But do you think a 16-year-old can meaningfully consent to having their body parts removed?”

Crickets. After a long silence, the chairman reiterated that they ask the questions to protect Hemmer from having to answer a question he didn’t have an answer for.

It’s better in the video so watch what happened below:

Amazing. Hemmer didn’t know what to do so he got the chairman to protect him.

If you liked that clip then you’ll love this one. It was Walsh’s opening comments and he doesn’t pull any punches:

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