WATCH: Maxine Waters stoking violence in SAME mob where libs are handing out SCOTUS home addresses

In the same D.C. mob where abortion enthusiasts are handing out Supreme Court justices’ home addresses, Maxine Waters and other Democrats are soliciting law-breaking and courting mob violence on Friday.

This isn’t even in hiding anymore. It’s just out in plain sight defiance of the law and invitation to take the law into the mob’s own hands.

Watch Waters calling for DEFIANCE and saying to HELL with the Supreme Court.

And here they are handing out home addresses in the SAME mob.

Waters points to that mob full of people losing their minds and giving out Justice’s home addresses and says ” you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Hard to be more explicit than that. And it’s the same mob where AOC was stoking violence, too.

(I like how even videos of AOC are crooked.)

There are hundreds of Tweets just like the one in this screenshot, including some with many thousands of retweets that I don’t want to give any extra attention to but are very easy to find.

Yet somehow nobody’s account has been banned. Amazing right? Guess it’s not who you know, it’s who you’re threatening that counts.

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