Greg Gutfeld Las Vegas Journalist Murder

WATCH: Media ERASED murderer’s party ID ‘like it was a biological woman!’

“No wonder the media abandoned the story like it was Ashley Biden’s diary!”

A journalist murdered by a politician would seem like the biggest story in America. A journalist anywhere, at any publication big or small, being murdered by someone even remotely affiliated with Republicans — had even been to the GOP Twitter page just once — and that story would be the ONLY story for weeks, and it would be asked about to every Republican in American repeatedly and blamed on them in every possible media venue.

But when a journalist was murdered by a Democrat?


Greg Gutfeld takes them apart in typically outstanding Gutfeld fashion.

“So, they erase the political affiliation like it was a biological woman. Now, making crime funny. It’s hard. Now if the situation where reversed, then you would know the headline, “Republican murders brave journalist.” Sorry, no, it would be, “Extreme-MAGA murders journalists, women and minorities hit hardest, experts blame Trump and climate change.””abc

This kind of thing happens thousands and thousands of times a day in all sorts of stories, from crime to racist comments to everything else. If it is a Democrat, they hide that. If is a Republican, it’s the HEADLINE.

The media corruption in America is utter and it is the NUMBER ONE problem for truth and freedom.


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