WATCH: Megan Rapinoe’s pathetic reaction to a young fan asking for her autograph

Megan Rapinoe was at the ESPY’s last week when a young fan walked up to her and asked for her autograph. Her dismissive reaction to the lad has made this video go viral (h/t: The Blaze):

Piers Morgan wrote on Twitter, “Wow. Doesn’t even look at him.. such an arrogant piece of work.”

A former professional soccer player thought the kid she have “volleyed” the ball right back at her:

Watching the clip, you can tell that Rapinoe is just too Hollywood to even acknowledge the kid. Her head is so big these days that I’m surprised she just doesn’t just collapse under the weight of it.

It was so difficult last week to watch this insufferable loudmouth be paraded around all over TV. So I’m sorry to have to subject her to you again.

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33 thoughts on “WATCH: Megan Rapinoe’s pathetic reaction to a young fan asking for her autograph

  1. I’d never send my son over to someone dressed like a sl….
    Should have left his soccer ball unsullied.

  2. If I were a leftist, I’d immediately assume this “proves” she’s a racist.

    I’m not, so I’ll assume it’s because the kid wasn’t a cute girl.

    I guess there’s an outside chance she’s just an arrogant jerk full of herself, but where’s the fun in assigning her action to a common human trait when I can accuse her of being a hater?

  3. In every possible way she is trying to tell God that she doesn’t care about Him or His commandments. She thumbs her nose at the God who says that marriage is between a man and a woman. She unclothes herself publicly to encourage the lust of others. Unless she repents, there is nothing good in store for her.

  4. Sorry but if you leave your room and go out in public like that you are a flat out skank. That should really be the focus of national discussion about that video clip. I know….wishful thinking.

  5. Good grief! She only won a sports event not elected queen of the world. Good women do more extraordinary things than this dumbo every day and never get a tiny fraction of the attention this creature gets just for participating in a sport where a group of 15-16 year old high school junior varsity MALE players beat them just a year ago. The only ones beating their drums for her right now are those on the rabid Left and even they will soon forget her once her 15 seconds of usefulness wears off.

  6. That must be her Girlfriend on the left.Appears they rented a partial Tux at the same shop,Leaving out the Tie,Vest and Shirt,Probably 20 bucks a piece,so they saved a little money.

  7. If this is an example of the pinnacle of women’s soccer in our nation then perhaps we shouldn’t have women’s soccer at all. Apparently the best and the brightest of them are just a lowlife crap.

  8. We don’t need a women’s soccer team, they are a poor example for our nation and an embarrassment . Let the private sector fund their own women’s soccer team the USA doesn’t need craap like this

  9. I don’t want to any women soccer team, they should get less money or no money at all. I don’t want them representing our country. Lowlife shIiittt

  10. I really must be missing something….

    She is at an event,
    a fan asks for a autograph,
    She obliges, someone she is attracted to walks by, and she says something to her….

    Do I care for her politics, absolutely not.

  11. Her ugliness needs to be out there for all to see. Her fan base will decrease as they get to know this low life self centered POS

  12. Sad excuse for a human being. Her 15 minutes were up long ago and she’ll never see it again with that attitude. As a performer, you are always gracious to everyone. I once saw a jazz great and afterwards told her how I always enjoyed one of her tunes. She promptly said she hated that song and never performs it. Talk about insulting! She lost me as a fan right there because of that elitist attitude. I don’t care how famous you are, if you are unkind, you will NEVER BE A TRUE SUCCESS!!! Period!!!

  13. As much as I want to hate her, this doesn’t seem to be that much of a deal. She seemed to be looking at him when he first handed her the ball, but that part was edited. But like I said, I still don’t like her.

  14. Nothing says ‘gracious’ like giving the (inanimate) ball more attention than the living, breathing kid.

  15. The bobby socks helps complete that whole 1950’s vampire slut look she was wanting. Very chic. /s

  16. I don’t like her but I don’t see a whole lot wrong with this. Sports figures that sign a lot of memorabilia tend to gloss them over after a while. She wasn’t rude to the kid or anything.

    But I don’t need this as an excuse to say she’s a scumbag POS that I wouldn’t let my dog take a piss on (it might fall off).

  17. This woman is so naricissistic. I’ve never met anyone who was someone that didn’t acknowledge me. Honestly had never heard of this person until 2 or 3 weeks ago when her America hate started showing up at sites I visit. She should be grateful for any fan of hers that is purely a fan for her sport. I’m sure she has plenty of people that only like her for her ignorant, big mouth.

  18. I was so hoping the team would lose, because she may be a good soccer player but she is a major loser.

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