WATCH: Megyn Kelly SCHOOLS liberals trying to defend Elizabeth Warren over DNA test

This is pretty good.

On the Today Show this morning Megyn Kelly schooled a few liberals at her round table on how badly Warren’s DNA test is turning out for her and why it’s a big deal.


Jacob Soboroff, a reporter for NBC News, tried to deflect the DNA issue back onto Trump, saying that Warren caught Trump and now he owes her a million.

But Kelly defended Trump, saying that Trump only said he’d make the donation if Warren proved she were an “indian”, and the DNA test just doesn’t prove it.

Morgan Radford, also a reporter for NBC News, went much further in her defense of Warren. She suggested that because many “black and brown people” had to rely on oral tradition for their heritage because of slavery, that it is then unfair that we demand “papers” from Warren to prove whether she’s Native American. She also tried to argue that Warren wasn’t “using” this to benefit herself. “Acknowledging it isn’t using it.”

But again, Kelly hit back pointing out that she did use it, noting that Warren was touted as the first Native American professor at Harvard Law School.

The best part of that exchange came when Kelly busted the idea that because Warren “understood” that she was Native American that it should be good enough. Kelly noted that the left just recently ripped a young high school girl for ‘cultural appropriation’ by wearing a kimono-style prom dress, saying that people aren’t allowed to appropriate someone else’s culture. But that’s exactly what Warren is doing by representing herself as Native American, Kelly pointed out, when her heritage “at best is probably similar to most Americans in this country, none of whom check the box”.


The last guy, Matt Iseman, said that it clearly wasn’t a “slam dunk” in Warren’s favor. But Kelly even hit back at that, going much further saying “it’s not even close to a slam dunk. She scored on herself! She scored a goal on herself!”

Another great segment by Kelly. Watch the video for more…

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