WATCH: Mom and six kids KICKED OFF JetBlue flight because TWO-year-old didn’t have MASK, whole plane emptied

Chaya Bruck is a Jewish mother of six children, and they were headed home from Orlando until JetBlue kicked them off the plane. Why? Because the TWO-YEAR-OLD, who had a pacifier in her mouth, wasn’t wearing a mask.


Bruck was getting ready to take off from Orlando International Airport bound for Newark on Wednesday when a flight attendant approached her and said she would have to get off because her child would not keep a face mask on, which is required on all flights.

“It’s not something we can excuse,” the flight attendant is heard telling Bruck.

“is heard” because it was caught on video. And by the way, they made EVERYONE deplane and reboard!!

Watch from Fox 35 Orlando.

Fox 35 reporter Holly Bristow interviewed Chaya Bruck about the incident, which took place yesterday.

On the plane, the other passengers were livid. Not with Bruck but with JetBlue.

This is what it’s like on planes, which are a great example of the dangers of bureaucracy, red tape, and zero-tolerance policies. This flight attendant refused to make a judgment call. The whole flight crew refused. They simply obey the little black letters on little white paper like their god.

It’s also a prime example of how people – and here I mean people for OR AGAINST the public wearing of masks – not only see everything as black and white in total disregard of facts, circumstance and common sense, but act in absolutely appalling ways to stick with their black and white world view.

Just atrocious.

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