WATCH: Ms. Nevada has been stripped of her crown and she says it’s because she supports Trump!

Ms. Nevada, who was set to compete in the Ms. America pageant, has been stripped of her crown and told she would not be allowed to compete for Ms. America.

Katie Williams recorded a video explaining that she believes it was her support for Trump that got her nixed:

Here’s more from KOLOTV:

Ms. Nevada Katie Williams says she has lost her crown because of her conservative political beliefs, just days before the Ms. America pageant.

The Ms. America Pageant has confirmed that it has removed Williams from their competition. The pageant posted a statement on its website which notes that it is a “No Politics” pageant and that Williams had signed an agreement to keep her politics separate from her pageant social media page.

The pageant statement also says, in part, “Ms. Williams acknowledged both verbally and in writing that she understood these rules before she was accepted into the pageant. Nothing on her Facebook Page had any political statements at the time she was accepted into the pageant.

Williams tells KOLO 8 News Now, “I’m upset I mean don’t get me wrong this is something I really wanted to do and I worked really hard to do and I you know, you go and try to make your best self for people you don’t even know and of course you want them to view you as a role model.”

The Ms. America pageant Rules and Regulations says the contest is for women 26 years of age and older who are single, divorced, widowed or married – with or without children.

In the video, Williams says the director told her to create a separate page for her political posts and she did. But she said the director kept calling about her personal page regardless of it being a separate page and kept complaining about it.

Just to give you some idea of her posts, here’s a few of her latests posts:

I’m inclined to believe Williams just because of the mere fact that there’s so much Trump hatred among liberals these days and they tend to react this way to Trump supporters.

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25 thoughts on “WATCH: Ms. Nevada has been stripped of her crown and she says it’s because she supports Trump!

  1. Disgraceful… today’s left reminds me of the Taliban in my opinion. They will absolutely not tolerate consent or freedom of thought. Not allowed, especially among women or minorities.

    I spent a year of my life in Afghanistan (2004-2005) with a very dangerous combat job.

    God bless this woman and our country.

    1. My son joined the Marines in ’07 after graduating high school. He too was deployed to Afghan. Glad you’re back.

  2. I read the story and while there are FAR TOO MANY examples of someone being punished and/or silenced for their Political or Religious beliefs, this is NOT one of those times.

    I read the embedded Tweets above, then continued to read the Tweets from Courtney Holland. The Pageant Director pointed out the “Rules” of the Pageant and it’s clear Katie Williams violated those “Rules.”

    She signed a contract containing those “Rules,” among which was this one below.
    Pageants and Politics don’t mix! I understand that the pageant is a No Politics pageant and I will not post political statements, opinions or anything that could be misconstrued as a political statement or opinion
    on any forum of social media, media or internet. I will not use my title to endorse any political figure or promote any political agenda or anything that could be misconstrued as a political figure or political agenda.

    After winning, Katie Williams posted a picture of herself in a Trump 2020 hat, CLEARLY violating the “Rules”
    she agreed to comply with.

    Don’t get me wrong. I wish Katie Williams the very best and want to sincerely thank her for her service. Hopefully she’ll put this foolish pageant stuff well behind her.

  3. This reminds me of Ravelry, the largest knitting site online with hundreds of thousands of patterns. A couple months ago the administration banned Trump supporters. The left attacking knitters and crocheters. Too much. They ruin everything they touch.

  4. Leftist are mentally Ill. Denying a human being their opportunity to a better life because they disagree with the politics?
    How fascist can you get? Nevada home of harry reid… the senator that got beat up by his Chinese handler when he couldn’t get the Bundy ranch.

  5. I don’t remember any stripped titles when the Dems are in the Whitehouse – just shows the conservatives have class not to stoop to this nonsense.

    1. Bingo.

      The key to disarming cultural marxists that use their positions to freeze all conservative thought is to circle the wagons.

  6. Instead of just complaining without offering any solutions, at this point, really the best course of action for her, is to call me.

  7. Can’t take a chance on normalizing Trump….

    I mean, sure, he is the elected president and all by the normal Constitutional process.But that just means there’s something wrong with the normal Constitutional process, amirite?

    Sure, millions of people voted for him, but that just means all those millions of people were horrible human beings. Obviously.

    Nope, can’t take a chance on normalizing Trump…..

  8. Notice how her pageant director didn’t want a paper trtail . . “call me”. Go get ’em Katie . . .take ’em down for all they’re worth.

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