WATCH: MSNBC arguments defending abortion are as TWISTED as they come

MSNBC yesterday was making the most twisted arguments in defense of abortion as they were lamenting the fact that Planned Parenthood won’t get anymore Title X funding.

Via Newsbusters:

Liz Plank from Vox says that abortion is about FREEDOM. Then she suggests the attack on Planned Parenthood is a “war on people”. Let that sink in for a moment.

Yes it is a war on people, but not the ones she’s talking about. It’s a war on the most innocent among us, the unborn, who are still waiting for their freedom. And yet they aren’t even an afterthought to any of these loons!

But it’s not just a war on people. According to Plank it’s a war on POOR people, because they make up the bulk of Planned Parenthood’s clientele. Seriously? Who is more poor than the unborn baby who depends on its mother for life, and yet has it snatched away in a crushing, horrific death?

Lastly, Plank tries to make the argument that men should be staunch defenders of abortion because it benefits them too. Well if that doesn’t speak to how corrupt and evil our society has become…

There’s more in the video if you can bear to watch it…

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28 thoughts on “WATCH: MSNBC arguments defending abortion are as TWISTED as they come

    1. That’s how PP started, but now it seems to be out of some blood lust more than anything. There’s no logical reason that they fight so hard to be able to take an innocent life.

  1. Abortion is about killing. Nothing more and nothing less. And defending abortion is disgusting and vile.

  2. This remind me of the 15 bobble head dolls I have of different athletes.I walk past where they sit and on occasions I bop them on the head and see how long they can continue bobbling.Surprisingly as they get older they lose none of their bobble.

  3. There should be more outreach for women seeking abortion. Instead of the government solution of abortion on demand positive alternatives should be the focus. Adoption is one choice. Another is family support. Grandparents and other relatives could step in and help raise the baby. Now, there are little resources for them. Many are living in poverty themselves. Private charity, churches and government stipends could help families facing this horrific choice.

    1. You are absolutely right. I have heard that a high percentage of women are forced into abortion. They need support, help, good advice and not a forced murder.

  4. Well, if our federal government didn’t defend, promote, and fund abortion every single day, then we wouldn’t have propaganda outlets doing this on the air. I mean, it’s fun to complain about the media, but, our “leaders” are to blame (which means that each and every one of us is at fault).

  5. Their excuses and hyperbole to kill the innocent is really appalling and straight from the pit of Hell.

  6. A decade after abortion is finally eliminated in the US the left will claim they are the defenders of the unborn and that Republicans want to kill all the babies in the womb.

    You watch.

    1. Abe Lincoln was a Democrat. Repubs started KKK. Dems stopped the slaughter of the unborn… it all makes sense.

  7. According to Plank it’s a war on POOR people, because they make up the bulk of Planned Parenthood’s clientele.

    They’re following Margaret Sanger to a T. She wanted to kill off children of the poor, Jews and minorities, so only “superior” people would populate. Just like what Hitler wanted to do!

  8. War on people??!! Reproductive rights is about freedom??!!

    So let’s F and then kill the baby?

    The guy who was also involved in „some capacity“ „benefits“ also from „reproductive rights“. ??!!

    Why doesn’t she just say plain and simple F rights? And when it comes to the “in some capacity” I believe she means the anatomical capacity.

    So let’s kill the babies that are „on or below the poverty line?

    The kids and babies that are crossing the border with their parents or pseudo parents are on or below the poverty line because the communists want to keep them alive. So these kids must be „above“ the poverty line. And I ask myself: Why not keep all the kids alive?

    Maybe because some kids are useful for the Dems Mob to pander the latino vote?

    So the evil logic behind these monsters is: The latinos crossing the border with the help from the coyotes will illegaly vote for the commumist Dems Mob if their children can make it to America while American women on or below the poverty line will also vote for them if they get F rights and the option to kill their babies.

    I really don’t get it. One and the same thing is right and wrong depending on the targeted group to vote for the Dems Mob.

  9. “… weaponizing it against the poor, women, and people with reproductive rights…”

    this reminds me when Julien Castro said “transgender females deserve the right to abortion”

    pretty sure only women can get pregnant. and it cant be changed no matter what way u try to twist it. just not possible.

  10. men should be staunch defenders of abortion because it benefits them too

    Yeah why should men have responsibilities when having sex like wearing a condom. The woman can just take care of it like they would the STD they could get with unprotected sex.

  11. More black babies were aborted in NYC last year than were born alive.
    Eat your heart out white supremacists, the Democrat party has your back.

  12. As a white woman or just a woman, I’m still trying to figure out what rights I’ve had taken away. The only people I see trying to take my rights and the rights of all Americans are on the left.

    1. amen right behind you
      we women are strong and have had ‘power’ for hundreds of years and we don’t hate men
      the commie left is mentally ill and evil

  13. “Reproductive justice,” I guess there’s no justice for the baby they kill. These people are sick, sick, sick!

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