Watch: MSNBC host calls out Sen Hirono for trying to have it BOTH WAYS on Green New Deal

The despicable Senator Hirono from Hawaii was on MSNBC trying to explain why Democrats refused to vote for the Green New Deal.

Of course she called the vote by McConnell a sham and said Democrats didn’t want to participate.

But then something happened that I wasn’t expecting.

MSNBC Katy Tur challenges Hirono, accusing her of trying to appear to support the bill without having to suffer for it politically.


I love it.

Hirono makes the argument to support the Green New Deal and then Tur flips it right back on her and asks why not vote for it anyway if she believes in it:

But isn’t that an argument that you just made to vote ‘yes’ for it. I mean McConnell may be trying to make it a show vote… You’ve signed onto this, you’re one of the co-authors of it. If you believe that this is something – even if it’s aspirational – that needs to get done, why not take a stand and vote YES for it, [saying] ‘here’s where the Democrats stand on it’ and ‘we don’t don’t care that it’s a show vote from Leader McConnell.’

It seems like you’re trying to have it both ways – not be hung by it politically but also NOT say that you don’t support it.

Wow, great point. I’m kinda surprised she made it.

Yet Hirono was undeterred and just went back to jibber-jabbering about how it’s a shame and McConnell’s trying to divide Democrats.

Blah blah blah.

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