Watch: MSNBC host calls out Sen Hirono for trying to have it BOTH WAYS on Green New Deal

The despicable Senator Hirono from Hawaii was on MSNBC trying to explain why Democrats refused to vote for the Green New Deal.

Of course she called the vote by McConnell a sham and said Democrats didn’t want to participate.

But then something happened that I wasn’t expecting.

MSNBC Katy Tur challenges Hirono, accusing her of trying to appear to support the bill without having to suffer for it politically.


I love it.

Hirono makes the argument to support the Green New Deal and then Tur flips it right back on her and asks why not vote for it anyway if she believes in it:

But isn’t that an argument that you just made to vote ‘yes’ for it. I mean McConnell may be trying to make it a show vote… You’ve signed onto this, you’re one of the co-authors of it. If you believe that this is something – even if it’s aspirational – that needs to get done, why not take a stand and vote YES for it, [saying] ‘here’s where the Democrats stand on it’ and ‘we don’t don’t care that it’s a show vote from Leader McConnell.’

It seems like you’re trying to have it both ways – not be hung by it politically but also NOT say that you don’t support it.

Wow, great point. I’m kinda surprised she made it.

Yet Hirono was undeterred and just went back to jibber-jabbering about how it’s a shame and McConnell’s trying to divide Democrats.

Blah blah blah.

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68 thoughts on “Watch: MSNBC host calls out Sen Hirono for trying to have it BOTH WAYS on Green New Deal

  1. So she showed McConnell?! They all were united and didn’t vote for their must do must have the sky is falling bill. Teach him a thing or two! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  2. The more I listen to these idiots, the more I have to swallow down the want to CHOKE them to the ground.

    1. @The Sane Silence Dogood, You speak for millions of conservatives. Their abject lunacy is beyond belief.

  3. There’s only so far you can bend suspension of disbelief before it snaps. Movie directors know this well. You bend it, and you can keep the audience engaged in whatever you’re trying to show them. You snap it, and they’ll remove themselves from the story and head back toward reality.

    You don’t want the latter, when you’re a storyteller.

    And since Global Climate Whatever is effectively an effort at storytelling…

  4. “….increasing natural disasters….” – I think the Senator is watching too much of the ScyFy Channel.

  5. When you think of all the wonderful, intelligent, honest and competent women who could be on television it’s sad to see these two polluting the airwaves.

    It’s the worst possible indictment of Katy Tur that one lonely moment of behaving like an unbiased “reporter” causes such surprise.

  6. Quite the comedy. Dems have backed themselves into a corner with their young newbies and their crazy ideas

  7. Look at that, a VERY rare moment of Journalism by Katy Tur… until you remember that Katy Tur is a passionate supporter of this liberty KILLING Bill.

  8. How these brainless people get elected is beyond me…no wait…got it – brainless idiots who elect them. Hawaii is good for a couple of things but not her.

  9. Personally I think Mazie is crazy. But I think the real reason for her voting “no” on the bill was that she does not want to have to take that old slow train home to Hawaii. She is, after all very impotent.

    1. I think Katy Tur has shown us exactly who she is for a long time. A liar, a cheat and a liberal activist. This brain fart will not be around for long as the twididiots mob her and force her to apologize for committing an actual act of journalism – it isn’t allowed.

  10. I go to Hawaii at least once a year. Their politics over there are ridiculous. I was buying a nice shirt at a nice store last time I was there and was chastised for wanting a bag to hold my shirt. Then I said, “I guess I shouldn’t ask for a straw in my drink either?”. The clerk then said “Unless you don’t care about sea turtles either”. So, I gave her the shirt back and walked out. Not an isolated incident. Those folks over there are nuts.

  11. I’m surprised to see MSNBC sock puppet, Tur actually ask a viable journalistic question of a verifiable liberal lunatic. Then again, Tur could ask that question of every democrat in Congress that professed to support the GND.

    Hirono’s accusing the republicans of trying to divide the democrats is comedy gold. Obviously Hirono has a serious lack of self awareness and a sense of reality.

  12. Looks like the left is starting to eat it’s own .
    It’s only going to get worse for democrats once the IG,Clinton Crime foundation, U1, National voter fraud and Declas are released not to mention the pedophilia and child sex trafficking that many on both sides of the aisle are involved in.
    Many will be facing federal crimes before all is said and done

  13. I doubt this is about honest journalism. My bet is CNN is peeved the Dems didn’t vote for the GND.

  14. I think that the whole GND is a “testing the waters” piece of bait to see how ready the electorate is ready for full on socialism. The Dems won back the House (barely and with more than a lot of chicanery) and now think that shows them that the tide has turned against the President when it didn’t show that at all in my opinion. I think that they threw out the GND just to see where they stood in their quest to turn the US into Venezuela. If it had been greeted with great enthusiasm and support then they’d know that the tide was turning in their favor because America had been sufficiently indoctrinated. But it has been greeted with derision and scoffing by almost everyone except the extreme left deluded earth-worshippers. Hirono sees the writing on the wall from this test. She wanted the fame, power and credit if it turned out to be “The Next Big Thing” but now that it’s flopped (because most folks ain’t stupid) she’s trying to save her career by playing innocent. Thankfully Tur isn’t stupid either and caught her hypocrisy.

  15. We’re always so pleasantly and gratefully surprised to see even a basic level of honesty and critical thought from outlets like MSNBC and CNN.

    Imagine a world where the media regularly was that way. We’d be a whole lot better off than with the mess we have today.

  16. The whole point of creating a bill is to get it voted on. That’s what happened here, A horrible bill (like most bills) was brought up for a vote. That’s the goal of a bill. Get created and voted on. Then the democrats complain when they vote on the bill. They spout there was no debate. Debate? You’ve been claiming the science is settled and there is no debate for over a decade! Now you want a debate?

  17. Hirono looks like she’s wearing a mask or is maybe botox’d up or something. Guilty?

    ALL politicians pull this crap – we know this. But man, democrats really seem to do it more often and are absolutely, blatantly hypocritical about it. Hirono (in this case) had the opportunity to stick to her convictions and her BS and vote “yes” to something she claims to believe in but she didn’t because she might have to suffer for it politically.

    And that’s they key here isn’t it? They KNOW the GND is BS or at least a severe governmental overreach and they don’t want to go on record as supporting it – just pay lip-service. I commend Joe Manchin (the ONLY reasonable democrat imo) and his three colleagues for actually voting their convictions (even though those votes were likely political too). I also commend the deplorable Katy Tur for rightfully calling out Hirono.

    1. It would be great if politicians stood for what they believe. Even if we disagreed with them they’d earn some respect for it. Problem is they don’t believe anything say because they keep changing what they say to keep the power grab going.

  18. This shows how insulated the democrats are from hard questions. Give them one and they become babbling idiots which we already knew but their minions will get to see. Of course that reporter will be fired

  19. Is that the best Hawaii can do? She barely literate. She has the vocabulary of a grade school student.

    1. As one who has family in Hawaii I can attest to the fact that even though she may not be the best they can do, she certainly is representative of a broad cross section of the Hawaiian populous. Their schools are a joke and “barely literate” accurately describes a good portion of the folks who live there.

  20. Katie got it exactly right. They’re trying to have their cake and eat it too. I was just talking about this earlier….how congressmen play games with their votes to fool the American people.

    Hirano made the claim that we have a growing number of natural disasters that have a much bigger impact. She is so FULL of it!

    1. @kong1967 And PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!! But death and mayhem at the hands of illegals, meh. No big deal, right Maisie?

  21. What you witnessed wasn’t Katy Tur calling out the Hawaiian ding bat, what you saw was Katy Tur serving up a leading question, with the pretense of objectivity, so that the aforementioned ding bat could continue pontificating. If she was really calling her out, and if she really was objective, she would have noted that the real sham was the legislative bill the Democrats never had any intention of debating about much less voting on.

  22. Now I know what it must feel like to spot Bigfoot. I just saw a MSM reporter ask a liberal a fair yet tough question.

  23. A grown woman who speaks with the vocabulary and speech cadence of a 5 year old and cannot cobble together a coherent sentence shouldn’t really be serving in the U S Senate. What the hell is the matter with you people in Hawaii?

  24. Hirono is for the New Green Deal until her neck is on the line because they have to go on the record publicly, then she votes ‘present’. What guts I’ve never seen since General Patton. /sarc.

  25. Wow, I am shocked! An intelligent question on MSNBC. I actually wondered the same thing, if the socialist communist called democrats are so proud of the green deal scam, then why didn’t they proudly vote yes. Of course that is what most politicians do, they want it both ways so they can attempt to scam both sides of the issues. :facepalmd:

  26. Never forget Katy Tur’s life is pointless because of climate change. She is probably just mad all these Democrats didn’t stand behind the Red New Deal because the world is going to end really, really soon.

    1. Nope! They realized after pimping “russian collusion” for 2 yrs straight, they have to appear to look unbias for the independents within the country.

    2. No way. You know a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, the MSM can only manage to be right twice a year, and some call it an awakening.

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