WATCH: MSNBC host shares her “lurid fantasy” about Donald Trump and handcuffs

The media can hardly contain their prurient, titillated giddiness over the raid at Mar-a-Lago this week, having no interest in the legality or implications, the unprecedented nature or of course, guilt or innocence.

Because, like Stephen Miller said, there’s no need for any substance as far as they concerned. As it has been for six years, they only have one objective. Their entire being is centered on one thing: Get Trump.

And few are quite so willing to discuss the thrills up their legs as MSNBC hosts, as we all know. Which is why this gross video from Tiffany Cross is simultaneously not surprising but absolutely telling.

She’s admitting what this is. Any excuse, any means necessary, no matter what the premise or precedent. Get Trump. Get him.

They want revenge because he won. They will never ever stop wanting that revenge.

In fact itheo the only reason a scammer like Tiffany Cross has a show anyway.

Not that anyone watches anything but the clips that go on Twitter anyway.


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