WATCH: MSNBC panel floats DRONE STRIKES on Americans for ‘incitement’

MSNBC and Nicolle Wallace in particular are pushing the “incitement” thing to the hilt. The buzzword being used to drive Parler off the internet and ban thousands of American citizens from every public forum, the blanket witch hunt word CNN’s Fat Dumb and Bald Guy wants to use to get rid of the First Amendment and that Democrats want to use to kick Republicans out of the House and Senate.

That word is the basis for Nicolle floating the idea of using military drones on American soil to execute dissenters.

“There’s a bulletin released to all law enforcement earlier this week, that there is, until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism carried out in the ideology and around this belief that the election was fraudulent, that the Covid restrictions are unnecessary. All of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump,” said Wallace, drawing out her target map. “But my question for you is about incitement. We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni-American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism.”

Drone strike for inciting violence. That’s what she just said. And she lists objections to lockdowns as either incitement of violence or violence itself.

Under the pretext of stressing Mitch McConnell’s experience with methods of fighting terror, under the guise of it being the basis for asking why he won’t take action against, for example, Ted Cruz, Wallace shows what it is she thinks should be happening. She telegraphs to her audience her agreement with their deepest fantasy: Kill All Trump Supporters.

McConnell should understand, she argued, that “the way you root out terrorism” is to take it on and “kill those who incite it.”

It’s as plain as the nose on her face. Which is really really really plain.

As The Blaze points out, it’s not even the first mention of Anwar al-Awlaki came up on Nicolle’s show lately. And in that case, she was again saying to a guest that the only way to deal with the THREAT of “domestic terror” — the THREAT of it — is to root out “those inciting it and spreading it.”

The context in that video at the Blaze and the one above is the same. The left and the media, as we have been saying for weeks here at the Right Scoop, believe that the “incitement” argument gives them free rein to root out and destroy all non-leftist thought.

When you are claiming that saying an election was stolen or just that lockdowns should end is literally the same as training 9-11 terrorists, then we know what you mean when you use a drone strike as an “example.”

You mean “we should do drone strikes on MAGA.” That’s what Nicolle means. And they’re getting rid of every platform online where objections – or reports – could be shared. All under the guise of stopping “incitement.”

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