WATCH: MSNBC segment says having weddings in 2020 proves Americans are selfish, reckless, gaudy killers

Just over a week ago New York Magazine put out an article bashing people who have the audacity to get married even though their governors who are jet-setting to protests, holiday parties and Biden celebrations told them to stay inside indefinitely without income.

What a bunch of married jerks, right? How dare they do stuff while not even being rich and famous exceptions to the rules?

Well the author of that truly terrible and unbelievably self-indulgent tripe was on MSNBC Christmas week for the annual leftwing tradition of trashing America on our biggest holiday. It’s a tradition second only to bashing Christians on Christmas.

In the segment, as Newsbusters outlines, the MSNBC “anchor” Chris Jansing has zero dispute with the premise of the article. Instead she just fangirl highlights her favorite lines about the evil of Americans, and then MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Lipi Roy joins in to say how true it all is and how bad all gross Americans are.


“Historically we do live in a culture that has encouraged people to sort of push the costs of their actions onto other people,” says dumpy bad writer Sarah Jones, who is also no great shakes on TV.

Then Jansing gets her fan on.

Yeah, and you point out, I’m going to read part of your article, “Call the weddings stupid or selfish if you want, I can’t argue with either characterization. But they aren’t aberrant. There’s nothing more American than a gaudy, expensive party that kills people. The very stories America tells about itself encourages all of us to be selfish, to shift the cost of our actions onto others.” So, I mean, is this in many ways, do you think, Sarah, just sort of a commentary on America in general and not necessarily just this pandemic?

“Yeah, I mean, we need to put our responses to the pandemic into the appropriate context,” said Jones using the biggest media buzzword since ‘breaking.’ “They didn’t come out of a void, they’re aren’t mysterious and I think it’s important to comprehend what’s causing them so that the next time there is a major natural disaster, whether that’s a pandemic or something else, we can respond better.”

The “medical contributor” then characterizes weddings taking place during MONTHS of government lockdowns as ” plague parties” and so that’s how that went.

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