WATCH: MSNBC works overtime to connect Trump to Epstein, says it’s IMPOSSIBLE to separate them!

The venomous anti-Trump attitude among those in the media has caused some of them to just flip out and say things they would have never allowed anyone to say about our last president. Namely, this legal guest on MSNBC arguing that Trump is really no different than Epstein, saying it’s impossible to separate the two of them (via DC Examiner):

How absolutely ludicrous. If Trump weren’t president he’d sue the pants off of MSNBC and win.

As the Axios reporter points out, Epstein is an “industrial scale pedophile and sex trafficker”, and that’s what this angry former US Attorney compares to Trump?

And does Nicole Wallace object to such a comparison? No, because she also virulently hates Trump and sees no harm in defaming him like this. Pathetic!

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