WATCH: Nancy Pelosi clearly does NOT want to talk about impeachment…

I’ve seen news headlines today that quote Pelosi as saying that impeachment is not off the table. But in reality she really doesn’t want to talk about it:

“Why are we talking about hypotheticals?” This is what Pelosi said when asked whether she would start impeachment proceedings if a majority of her caucus wanted that. She clearly doesn’t want to discuss it. She also argues that it’s not even close to a majority of her caucus that want to pursue impeachment.

If you watch it to the end you’ll also hear Pelosi say “you don’t go to court with your weakest argument”. And that’s all they have right now, a weak no-nothing argument. They want to keep searching, of course, and she’s all for that. But she’s basically admitting they don’t have a case against Trump and the next 1.5 years are going to be nothing but one big fishing expedition looking for something worthy of impeachment.

I believe at some point they will pursue impeachment against Trump, but right now Pelosi’s trying to walk the line to maintain her ‘credibility’ so that Democrats don’t get killed in 2020.

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