WATCH: Nasty Nancy Pelosi shoves young child of Rep. Maya Flores at swearing in – gif and clip.

Rep. Mayra Flores is the first woman born in Mexico to be sworn in as a member of the U.S. House. That’s normally the kind of first that Democrats and liberals love to celebrate. But because she is a Republican while being a female, Hispanic immigrant thus defying Democrats stereotypes, they treat her like trash.

And her kids too, it seems. People are saying decide for yourself. Yeah, I’ve decided to believe the thing I can plainly see happen: Pelosi bitterly shoving a young girl.

I made this gif straight from the official Pelosi YouTube of the event.

See, here’e the thing:

Exactly true.

Chip Roy knows what he saw, too.

Nancy probably wanted everyone to see it. This kind of thing is permissible now. They can openly lie even when you can hear something with your own ears, why not openly lie about what can be seen with your eyes, right?

And to the people who say that’s not a shove or it’s no big deal, I say the truest thing that can ever be said anymore: What if it was Trump?


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