WATCH: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson drops truth bombs in House hearing and Democrats go BERSERK

You may remember Mark Robinson from 2018 where he schooled a local city council in NC on guns rights. We today he did the same thing to Democrats, explaining in simple terms how Republicans are simply trying to create the best election system in the world and are only concerned about the integrity of the vote.

If that wasn’t enough to get under their skin, he said this that made them go berserk:

It’s time that we modernize our election system and stop playing all these silly games based on race. And please, stop using me as a black man as your pawn, – and yes I said it – to push your agenda. I’m sick of it. It happened a long time ago in this country and…..

Robinson was interrupted by a Democrat demanding he just answer the question. His time then ran out:

Chip Roy followed up by simply asking if he could insert something in the record. Chairman Steve Cohen was so angry he wouldn’t let him do it. He didn’t have his mic on initially, but you could hear him slamming his gavel in anger. He finally turned on his mic and was screaming for the next person to start their time.

Roy asked if he could insert something in the record again, and Cohen waved him off saying ‘maybe in a few minutes, not right now.’ Roy persisted and Cohen started banging the gavel again in anger, yelling for ‘Mr. Johnson’ to begin his time.

The whole hearing fell apart because of the awesome truths espoused by Robinson. That’s why he’s our Lt. Governor in NC and hopefully, soon in the future, he’ll either be our governor or our US Senator. The man is a true badass.

UPDATE: Here’s another great clip from Robinson:

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