WATCH: Netanyahu just threw Obama UNDER THE BUS in excellent new video!

Netanyahu just threw Obama under the bus in a new video where he argues against the ethnic cleansing of Jews. Of course, Netanyahu is ever the diplomat, so he didn’t call Obama out directly. He’d never do that.

But when you listen to this I think you’ll quickly recognize that Obama is one of the main people Netanyahu is refuting in this excellent monologue:

Obama has been making a big deal about Jewish settlements since 2009. Even just recently, Obama’s own State Department said new proposed settlements would be “corrosive to the cause of peace”. They’ve even boycotted a university simply because it existed in the West Bank.

We should be Israel’s greatest ally and fan but instead Obama has treated Israel like an enemy over and over. Whether it was Obama trying to defeat Netanyahu in his last election or Obama withholding weapons from Israel during their last war of self-defence against Hamas, Obama has always treated Israel with contempt. Just look at how Obama humiliated Netanyahu during his first visit of the Obama presidency back in 2010.

Obama’s been friendlier with Israel’s greatest enemy than it has with Israel.

It’s pretty clear that Obama is exactly who Netanyahu is talking to here on the settlements issue. I just wish he could be more direct, but I understand Netanyahu is trying to hold on to the shred of an alliance that is left after 8 years of the Obama administration.

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