WATCH: New leftist video about creating a ‘Citizen Army’ to fight Trump’s ‘New Army’

Some leftist named Don Winslow just made a video calling on people to fight Trump’s ‘new army’ by spying on them and reporting them to law enforcement or something:

“In the years ahead Trump will lead his army of domestic terrorists. He will encourage and incite violence. He’ll play the role of arsonist and fireman. He’ll start a civil war and then say things were more peaceful when he was president.”

Talk about a conspiracy nut. And he’s got over 635k followers.

Winslow then proposes to create a ‘citizen army’ to fight Trump’s ‘new army’ by ‘monitoring extremists on the internet and reporting” them to the authorities.

In other words he wants his citizen army to harass companies, whether it be hosting providers or Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, to kick Trump supports off their platforms and silence them. It’s the purge on steroids, and all in the name of violence.

This is exactly what Tucker has been warning about:

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