WATCH: New video shows Compton officer helping her partner after they were both shot in the face

A new video released shows the two officers in Compton after they had both been shot in the face, with the female officer putting a tourniquet on the male officer even though she was bleeding out:

This is nothing short of heroic for this officer to help her partner this way, to deal with her partner’s wounds before her own. Thankfully they are both set to make a full recovery.

Last night Tucker did his opening monologue on this horrific incident and he played the 911 call of this female officer calling in the attack. It’s heart wrenching and comes just after the 3 minute mark:

She slurs her words because she can barely speak. She’d just been shot in the jaw. And note that while she’s struggling to call this in, that BLM thug that we posted on was laughing and having a good old time that two cops had just been shot in the face. Horrendous. That’s in this video as well and you should watch the whole thing…

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