WATCH: Newsmax just aired a big DISCLAIMER on their Dominion and Smartmatic coverage, following Fox News…

Newsmax today just aired a big disclaimer on their coverage of the Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic:

First let me say that I know the guy who posted this is Media Matters, but the clip still stands on its own.

Secondly, Newsmax actually posted the entire statement from this video segment on their website:

Since election day, various guests, attorneys and elected officials have appeared on Newsmax TV and offered opinions and claims about Smartmatic and Dominion Systems, both companies that offer voting software in the U.S.

Newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage and note it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies.

There are several facts our viewers and readers should be aware. Newsmax has found no evidence either Dominion or Smartmatic owns the other, or has any business association with each other.

We have no evidence Dominion uses Smartmatic’s software or vice versa.

No evidence has been offered that Dominion or Smartmatic used software or reprogrammed software that manipulated votes in the 2020 election.

Smartmatic has stated its software was only used in the 2020 election in Los Angeles, and was not used in any battleground state contested by the Trump campaign and Newsmax has no evidence to the contrary.

Dominion has stated its company has no ownership relationship with the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s family, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s family, the Clinton family, Hugo Chavez, or the government of Venezuela.

Neither Dominion nor Smartmatic has any relationship with George Soros.

Smartmatic is a U.S. company and not owned by the Venezuelan government, Hugo Chavez or any foreign official or entity.

Smartmatic states it has no operations in Venezuela. While the company did election projects in Venezuela from 2004 to 2017, it states it never was founded by Hugo Chavez, nor did it have a corrupt relationship with him or the Venezuelan government.

Smartmatic has been threatening lawsuits and Newsmax isn’t the only one doing this. Lou Dobbs ran this segment recently as well, which is very similar to what Newsmax did above:

I’ve read that Maria Bartiromo also ran this exact same disclaimer interview on her show as well.

OANN was also threatened with a lawsuit and, if they haven’t already, will probably do a similar disclaimer.

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