WATCH: Noem perfectly defends SD ban on abortion with no exceptions, calls out media ‘SCARING women’

South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem did not let the judgmental, withering glare of the leftist, baby-killing MSM put her even slightly off-balance on Sunday as she defended the righteous abortion ban in the state that resulted immediately upon the reversal of Roe v Wade thanks to trigger laws.

The law in South Dakota now makes no exceptions for rape or incest, banning all baby murdering procedures and drugs.

The media is livid, of course, and have gone after the state and Noem in particular, but Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” managed to keep her cool for at least some of the interview, as seen in this short clip from a very long sit-down.

Brennan did what all MSM do, which is hold up some other Republicans comments to demand Noem explain herself, in this case playing a clip of South Carolina’s Nancy Mace saying on the show a few weeks ago that, in the case of rape, a woman should be able to “”make that decision with her doctor and between her and her God.”

Brennan then very classily set it up as a conflict, demanding to know “How do you respond to her? Are you open to exceptions for rape and incest?”

Noem’s answer was amazing.

“I think it’s tragic what Nancy went through. And my heart goes out to every single woman who has had to go through that situation. I don’t know what that’s like,” said Gov. Noem. “What I would say is that I believe every life is precious.”

“We know so much more using technology and science than we did even 10, 15 years ago about what these babies go through, the pain that they feel in the womb, and we’ll continue to make sure that those lives are protected,” she said. “I just have never believed that that having a tragedy or a tragic situation happen to someone is a reason to have another tragedy occur.”

That is an amazing answer, when she could easily have let Brennan pin her down into waffling. And there’s more.


“We continue to make sure we go forward and that we’re putting resources in front of these women and walking alongside them, getting them the health care, the care, the mental health counseling and services that they should need to make sure that we can continue to support them and build stronger families far into the future as well,” said Noem.

Brennan kept asking “no exceptions” as if she hadn’t been answered abundantly already.

“You know, this is a debate that’s going to continue to happen from state to state, Margaret, and I think that’s what’s unique about the United States of America. I love that about this country, is that we have a very limited federal government,” Noem continued, not letting up at all. “The Supreme Court did its job. It fixed a wrong decision it made many years ago and returned this power back to the states, which is how the Constitution and our founders intended it.”


And STILL not done yet, she closed by calling out the propaganda.

“So the fear tactics I hear coming out of so many people, from so many pundits and those in the media scaring women, saying that they’re going to have a bigger risk of death because of this decision — What this is going to do is give them the ability to weigh in with their local elected officials and that their state statutes reflect what they need to have their health care and their options and their babies protected and supported into the future.”

Just an excellent, excellent, excellent job y’all. I don’t care who you are, that was a dang good job.

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