WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez says Trump is putting people in DANGER with his “violent rhetoric”

AOC actually had the audacity to accuse Trump of using violent rhetoric that is putting people like Omar in danger AND she claims Trump is creating a volatile environment:

This from the woman who has compared legitimate border patrol facilities to Nazi ‘concentration camps’ and refused to apologize for it. She smeared border patrol agents with all of this ‘toilet drinking’ nonsense and demonized ICE before Antifa attacked one of their facilities. And as far as I know, she didn’t denounce it.

And let’s not forget that other members of The Squad, namely Ilhan Omar, has called CBP a ‘rogue agency’ that terrorizes people at the border.

All that Trump did at his rally was to describe to his audience all the offensive things that these squad members have said. And yet Trump is putting people in danger with ‘violent rhetoric’? What violent rhetoric?

Look I’ll admit that any time the president singles people out, it raises their profile and gives them national attention. And in this case that would be negative attention, at least for people on the right. But Trump didn’t call for violence against these women. He didn’t suggest that people should do anything about them or insinuate such a thing. He just described their offensive words and talked about their desire to make America socialist. To call that violent rhetoric is not only ridiculous, but shameful.

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101 thoughts on “WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez says Trump is putting people in DANGER with his “violent rhetoric”

  1. The only card in that woman’s deck is the victim card.

    “You’re gunna make us a victim! Stop it! Stop it bad man!”

    I have to admit, I am starting to get a little tired of J-Mao.

        1. I’m sorry, how do you see all these psychos within the Socialist/Democrat party denied the Presidency in 2020 as not a net-win

  2. I’ve seen sociopaths with more self-awareness than she has.

    Remind me of the rhetoric that dead Antifa terrorist was using when he tried to blow up a detention facility last week AOC?

    Another thing, why didn’t any of the press immediately push back & ask about her rhetoric????

    *Rhetorical Question*

  3. This skrunt attacks our ICE agents daily and wants to abolish that department. Then one of her leftist minions attacks a detention center, tries to shoot and blow it up and is killed trying to do so. Now tell me who has the violent rhetoric!

  4. Though I detest seeing her and worse hearing her the more she opens her mouth the more she IS the face of the Democrat Party. All the better for a GOP landslide next Nov.

  5. The main stupid thing Trump did was tell American citizens to “go back where they came from”. That is a disgrace. Not racist – just a disgrace. We can hate them all we want but if they are US citizens, we don’t ever tell people to “go back where they came from” and as a Jew, I find this kind of talk very scary.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think it was the end of the world. Would I have used that language? Probably not. But, for example, calling our border facilities “concentration camps” deliberately and repeatedly bothers me much more as a Jew, yet the Media seems to blow it off.

      Just some perspective here.

      1. Absolutely. She already got what was coming to her for it. I just don’t want Republicans to be lumped into the same crap pile as Dems. We’re better than they are.

        1. I don’t lump us in. Just because the Dems/Media do, we don’t have to buy into that. We don’t have to play by their rules. They certainly don’t play by ours.

      1. Totally different issue and I hope that works through legal means. I just don’t want random talk for all four of them when three were born here… it’s just ridiculous and I despise them. I studied Russian to defeat communism so I have no love for these haters.

    2. I say that every day, he’s just saying what a lot of us feel. As a Jew you should find those nut cases scary.

      1. As a Jew, I’ve lived with their anti-semitism my whole life. I’m happy to see it finally in the open the way Democrats were so open about being pro-slavery and pro Jim Crow.
        This is a defining moment for the Dems and it’s backfiring tremendously. Think about Schumer. He’s Jewish. Where is his big mouth these days? Nothing. He’s finally silent. He knows he is mortified about the turn the Democrat party has made. They used to have a huge Jewish following and a large Jewish amount of Congresspersons. Now they are turning into a party of Black, Latino, Muslim, Gay and other ragtag groups of anti police, anti American, anti American citizen, pro illegal fringe groups. They are dooming the more center moderate “white” part of the party that has been marginalized. The Democrat party will become the Party of everyone but white people soon.

      2. Hi Nana
        No doubt but as the leader of the country, ya’ gotta’ have a better filter than that.
        Rhetoric matters when half the country is swayed by idiotic slogans on both sides. We need to be careful with words. History teaches us this. These people deserve our most loathsome barbs about their politics and hatred for this country but they are allowed to hate it and be Americans. We don’t send people back to where they immigrated from or even those that were born here to places their ancestors were from just because we don’t like what they say. We defeat them with ideas. Look what Reagan did to liberal ideology for 30 years! He made them crawl under a rock. We need that kind of persuasion for liberty once again – not name calling. The Right has much to offer in terms of historical precedents for being the correct path to follow. We should lead with that.

        1. “Better filter?” No. That’s not Trump. Like it or not, he doesn’t have a filter. That’s it.

        2. Hi Ronbo,
          I respect your opinion, but I’ve watched Republicans Presidents let the left and American haters walk all over them without saying a word but I get your point.

            1. No doubt, he is their leader and idol, unfortunately he didn’t fade away as I’d hoped after he left office.

  6. Wait a freakin moment you little stooge…did you listen at all to Mad Max & your other lefties saying the hateful violent things to conservatives! We weren’t even welcome in restaurants. She is a vile mouthpiece that is dumber than a rock.

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      1. For some reason I have to keep signing in. Very annoying. 🙁

        I had to sign in again to post my comment to you.

          1. He’s ok. He’s moving his leg a little more, but that’s about it. We have lots of dr. visits next week. Thanks, Nana, for asking. How are you and your family doing? I hope all is well with you.

            1. I’m glad he’s improved if only a little. I know how wearing it is to have all the Dr. appts and I wish you both the best.
              We are doing good thanks. My hubby had a bout of pneumonia last month but he’s much better now . Take care of yourself.

  7. Your “concentration camps” hyperbole helped inspire a domestic terrorist attack in Washington state recently you ignorant, hypocritical wench.

  8. Tax dollars not at work. Does anyone in congress actually work (and showing up on MSNBC, CNN or FOX doesn’t count.)

  9. More like the shoe is on the other foot here. This from a women who made up the drinking from toilette and concentration camps things the rhetoric is too hot. She shouldn’t be in the kitchen, she just can’t handle the heat.

  10. She gets away with saying ridiculous stuff like this because of the liberal media who fawn over her instead of calling out her hypocrisy.

  11. To say that this is the pot calling the kettle black is an understatement! This little “child” has said far worse with her radical leftist rhetoric and as far as I’m concerned is partially responsible for the crazy idiot that took her rhetoric seriously and tried to bomb the ICE facility as well as the Antifa (Fascist) leftist groups that are terrorizing cities across the country. It is her and her cohorts that are “stirring the pot” of violence. Truly pathetic.

  12. I just had a discussion with my sister today about our mom who only watches the leftist media (CNN, The View). She was decrying all of the violence going on but when my sister questioned her further, had never heard of Antifa and all of the violence that they were doing on behalf of the radical left. If you live in the “Matrix”, you never hear of the radical things that these people say, only the attack and blame on Trump. Of course, my mom blames everything on Trump and hates him, so orange man bad, must vote him out at all costs, with absolutely NO information about what the radical left is actually doing to this country! UGH!!!!!

    1. Rae, this is exactly the reason why I am not overconfident about the 2020 elections. We should win in an overwhelming landslide, but the truth is most people aren’t seeing or hearing what we’re seeing and hearing. And it’s scaring me to death. Even more than illegals voting or ballot harvesting.

    2. I hear ya Rae, my brainwashed family members residing in Commiefornia are also in the libtard “matrix”

    3. Same with my mom (she is nearly 90 years old).
      But when I tell her about Antifa bashing people’s heads in, Trump creating the greatest economy ever (which helps me (her son)) she shuts up..

      1. It is, because I love my mom and have always respected her opinions, but in this, we are divided but I will never let it from keeping my loving relationship with her, but it just makes me and my two other sisters so sad because she just doesn’t see or want to see what’s truly going on.

        1. Nothing is more important than your precious relationship with your mom. If you have to change the subject whenever politics comes up, so be it. It’s not worth it.

          1. Thanks Nana. It’s so comforting to be able to come to a site like The Right Scoop and be able to talk plainly about what is going on and vent the frustration that we all feel with the political climate in our country.

  13. Omar is a hater, Cortez is a liar. Neither have any credibility with me, and I’m sure there are many others that agree with me on that.

  14. #1 Which Democrats have been told to leave restaurants and then followed out by a mob of people?
    #2 Who is guilty of turning ANITFA into thugs that beat up helpless people?

  15. No AOC, your buddies in soytifa are the ones putting “normal” Americans in danger sweets!

  16. It’s the postmod way to argue: pick a target, claim it’s racist, violent, unlawul, whatever. It doesn’t matter which. You don’t bother trying to provide evidence, you just Make Sh*t Up, and procede from there.

    NeverTrumpers are doing the same thing, by the way. The number of truecons white-knighting for The Squad is surprising, given how many appeared to have shucked off the worst aspects of NeverTrump-ism since 2017. But they have Christians to shame, so they are all back in sight again, enabling the wokescolds.

      1. You need to get real. Ace has a full lineup of the tweets from the self-proclaimed NeverTrumpers (and a few closeted ones) in support of The Squad.

            1. He’s President. He can’t ever not have been President ever again. There can never exist a time from 2016 forward where Trump was never President.

              NeverTrump is now an oxymoron. Because Trump is President. If you’re calling yourself that, or trying to call someone else that, then you’re being an illogical moron.

  17. OMG I want to slap that stupid woman! Trump is just repeating things those women have said. He never calls for violence. If they don’t like the public’s response then they should stop being so damn anti-American.

    MAGA stands for Make America White Again.
    Trump and his supporters are Nazi’s and white supremacists.
    Impeach Trump with no evidence of wrongdoing.
    Investigate Trump into oblivion when there’s no evidence to justify it.

    Hey you stupid biatch!! How is all THAT not divisive rhetoric that brings violence to Trump supporters? In fact, it does!

  18. I think Cortez, especially, is enjoying all this attention. And the press will keep shoving a mic in front of her.

  19. • Hillary Clinton: We cannot be ‘civil’ with GOP and ‘civility’ can only return if Democrats win Congress.
    • Nancy Pelosi: If there’s some collateral damage, for some others that don’t share our view, well so be it.
    • Maxine Waters called for mob violence against conservatives and Republicans wherever they are seen.
    • Eric Holder: when they go low we kick them.
    • Peter Fonda called for pedophiles to rape Trump’s 12-year-old son.
    • Snoop Dogg symbolically shot Trump in the head
    • Madonna expressed her desire to blow up the White House.
    • Kathy Griffin symbolically performed a bloody beheading of Trump
    • Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
    • Obama: “I want you to argue with them and get in their face!”
    • Obama: “talk to these folks… so I know who’s a-$-$ to kick”
    • Obama: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”

    1. And they forget that Antifa (the illegitimate ideological child of Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground and SDS) is THEIR baby not the Republicans. To the Democrats violence in any form is always the answer. They want a Communist Revolution so bad that they can taste it.

    2. No doubt. The left is a violent mob. We already know this. We should let them explode on their own dropped grenade.

    1. She’d have to check and see if he was a victim of the United States first. Let her dip into a closet real quick and Google it.

  20. According to her we’re all going to die in 11.5 years. That kind of speak creates world wide panic and violence.

  21. Pelosi sure is keeping keeping a messy house.
    Abusing the rod of power and greed, will kill the Nation!

  22. Trump’s rhetoric causes violence the same way that Google’s search results cause votes. You can’t have it both ways. Either people are trustworthy enough to make their own decisions or they are not. Populists, it’s time to grow up.

  23. Let’s not forget that AOC’ s rhetoric contributed to the violent attack carried out by a member of ANTIFA, who showed up at an immigrant detention center firing an assault rifle and throwing incendiary devices echoing her concentration remarks about the facility.

    1. You are absolutely right! But the Fecal Stream Media WILL NOT utter one, lousy peep about it.

  24. So the spineless demoncrats are afraid for their safety as they constantly attempt to disarm the citizens and push open borders jeapordizing OUR safety.

  25. Uh, “concentration camp”, “ICE is like Nazis”, then we have fire bombing, shooting, and ANTIFA riots.

    Hmmm, even for your little “what’s a garbage disposal” brain, that’s pretty weak AOC.

  26. She is instigating violence against our law enforcement officers. They are still dying every day as a result of the hate Obama fanned against them. She is dangerous.

    1. I think as a courtesy and reminder to the Dimocrats, one of the GOP hardliners should request an emergency budget request for more body bags because of the violence these morons are inciting against all LEOs.

      1. Aren’t there plenty left over from the Gulf War, where we were going to have had horrific casualties?

  27. Oh, you mean like your AOC incendiary racist hate rhetoric putting people in danger by calling the Border Patrol and ICE agents Nazis running concentration camps, where domestic terrorist violent hate group AntiFA attacks ICE detention centers who tried to bomb and kill ICE agents..

    Oh that racist incendiary hate rhetoric evolving into violence..

    Democrats-Party and People of Slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, luv their favorite Hitlerian diktat: Projection: Accuse others-Lincoln Republicans-Pres Trump, of what they themselves were and are guilty of.. aka the Big Lie

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