WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez says Trump is putting people in DANGER with his “violent rhetoric”

AOC actually had the audacity to accuse Trump of using violent rhetoric that is putting people like Omar in danger AND she claims Trump is creating a volatile environment:

This from the woman who has compared legitimate border patrol facilities to Nazi ‘concentration camps’ and refused to apologize for it. She smeared border patrol agents with all of this ‘toilet drinking’ nonsense and demonized ICE before Antifa attacked one of their facilities. And as far as I know, she didn’t denounce it.

And let’s not forget that other members of The Squad, namely Ilhan Omar, has called CBP a ‘rogue agency’ that terrorizes people at the border.

All that Trump did at his rally was to describe to his audience all the offensive things that these squad members have said. And yet Trump is putting people in danger with ‘violent rhetoric’? What violent rhetoric?

Look I’ll admit that any time the president singles people out, it raises their profile and gives them national attention. And in this case that would be negative attention, at least for people on the right. But Trump didn’t call for violence against these women. He didn’t suggest that people should do anything about them or insinuate such a thing. He just described their offensive words and talked about their desire to make America socialist. To call that violent rhetoric is not only ridiculous, but shameful.

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