WATCH: Ohio AG reveals there’s NO such case of a 10-year-old getting raped like Biden claimed last week

The Ohio Attorney General revealed to Fox News tonight that there is no such case of a 10-year-old getting raped and having to drive across state lines to get an abortion, like Biden claimed last week.

Even more importantly, he notes that the Ohio heartbeat law would have allowed a 10-year-old impregnated by rape to get an abortion.


As the AG points out, if the story is true and the doctors associated with this case failed to report it, that’s a crime.

But it really looks like it’s just not true, as Greg Price points out, noting the most likely of the two options is that the doctor who originated this tall tale made it up out of whole cloth:

You can check out Megan’s full thread on this by clicking the tweet below. It’s too long to post here…

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