WATCH: Chicago teens SWARM bus driver, beating, kicking, & STOMPING him. 20 arrested in night of mayhem.

In the sh**hole city of Chicago, rampant crime, murder, and mayhem take place all over as the government fails to get it under control. As you know, the lawless destruction and death are encouraged by a society that blames free enterprise for poverty and defines “justice” in terms of class and race vengeance. It’s encouraged by cities locking people up for two years but letting rioting continue unchecked night after night. It’s encouraged by liars like AOC claiming there is no wave of retail robberies, by the press refusing to accept jury verdicts, and by teaching kids that their society is “systemically” out to get them.

And of course, two years of saying crime is good and going to work and church are a health threat. That’s how we are where we are.

So I’m not shocked by the existence of this video, I’m just appalled by its viciousness and by the fact that these situations are treated as non-news by the same Jake Tappers and Brian Stelters who dedicated weeks of air time to the “dangerous” words of Lauren Boebert.

Here is the video, and some explanation of what happened is below that:

I mean you can’t see the whole thing and the camera is jostling a lot but that cop sure looked casual stepping in, right? Just sauntering up.

Here’s the story, from CWB Chicago:

A 15-year-old was shot, a CTA bus driver was beaten, and about 20 juveniles were taken into custody as a “large group incident” unfolded in the Loop on Saturday evening, according to police and initial information from sources.

Acting on intelligence gathered through social media and other sources that hundreds of young people planned to gather downtown, CPD leaders deployed extra resources to the area late Saturday afternoon.

Among the more serious incidents: A CTA bus driver was beaten on the 100 block of North Michigan when he stopped his vehicle to inspect it for damage after he heard a loud noise around 8:50 p.m., according to a CPD statement.

As he examined the bus, a male and female began to push him and then punched him repeatedly before running away, police said. An ambulance took the 49-year-old driver to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in fair condition with bruises to his face and body.

I found this tweet after I was 90% done with the post. Almost exactly the point I was making, too.

Because you see, some people actually see what’s happening. But CNN won’t. And neither will their viewers, you can bet on that.

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