WATCH: Parler CEO says ‘EVERY VENDOR DITCHED’ the same day. Txt services, email providers, even OWN lawyers ‘worked together’

“It’s devastating is what it is, and it’s an assault on everybody,” said Parler CEO John Matze on Fox News on Sunday morning about the coordinated, crassly opportunistic Democrat-MSM-Big Tech attack on freedom of speech.

Matze spoke with Maria Bartiromo, who is one of the few people left on TV not afraid to report facts that the overlords don’t like.

Matze talked about how the DemMediaTech complex coordinated to destroy them.

“It’s devastating is what it is, and it’s an assault on everybody. I mean they, they all worked together to make sure, at the time, we would lose access to not only our apps, but they’re actually shutting all of our servers tonight. Off the internet. So they’ve made an attempt to not only kill the apps, but to actually destroy the entire company,” said Matze. “And it’s not just these three companies. Every vendor, from text message services, to email providers, to our lawyers, all ditched us too, on the same day. And they’re trying to falsely claim that we were somehow responsible for the events that occurred on the sixth.”

Matze says any company could go out of business under these conditions, and that they can’t even go to other vendors because Apple and Google run the show and people won’t work with them if Apple and Google don’t “approve.”

That is a SHOCKING situation, and not remotely a free and open internet or marketplace. The giants are dictating the terms, even to their competitors. And they don’t even give Parler a remedy. “They just don’t want us on the internet. They just want to get rid of us.”

Watch this eye-opening interview.

[wpvideo JCL3sZrp]

Some of the quotes:

“This is absolutely extraordinary that you see this coordinated effort on the same day that the President is banned on Twitter, you’ve got Google and Instagram removing Parler, and now last night, late, Apple removes Parler as well,” said Baritoromo. “What are you going to do, John, can this put you out of business?”

“Oh, I mean it would put anybody out of business. I mean this, they could destroy anybody. If they did this to any app, any company, it would completely destroy them, he said. “And we’re going to try our best, you know, to get back online as quickly as possible.”

“But we’re having a lot of trouble because every vendor we talk to, says they won’t work with us. Because if Apple doesn’t approve and Google doesn’t approve, they won’t. They’ve given us no legitimate remedy.”

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. I know I say this to y’all a lot, but it’s quite amazing how in the open all this is. Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter … they fear no retribution. And don’t say they fear the woke mob because the fact is they’re the LEADERS of that mob. They are part of it, they are with it, they are working toward its goals.

And CNN is cheering the whole time. Information (and disinformation) aren’t a commodity, they’re a weapon. The right is fighting nuclear powers and there won’t be any disarmament in the Biden future. It’s dark times.

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