WATCH: Pelosi successor-to-be slips up and admits the truth in press conference

Pelosi’s potential next successor, Hakeem Jeffries, slipped up today and admitted the truth while explaining who inspires Democrats with respect to their nationalization of elections bill:

“We’re inspired by Hugo Chavez….Cesar Chavez. We’re inspired by all of these leaders”

Jeffries was listing off names of people who inspire Democrats to press on with their horrible election bill, and it was perfect that he said “Hugo Chavez”. Perfect for a number of reasons, but mainly because nationalization of elections, industry – everything – is what Chavez did in Venezuela. Chavez is the reason Venezuela is a socialist hell-hole today after having once been a thriving country.

So Jeffries can say he didn’t mean to say Hugo Chavez, but we all know that is exactly who inspires these socialist Democrats.

This fool went on to suggest that Republicans oppose their elections bill because a black president won in 2008, saying: “What happened to the modern day Republican Party? Was it the election that took place in 2008? Did that disturb you? Did that throw you off? Were you confused by that?”

Democrats are as nasty and despicable as they’ve ever been.

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