WATCH: Pelosi WARNS illegals on how to avoid deportation from ICE

In a despicable move this morning, the Democratic Speaker of the House warned illegals on how to avoid deportations from ICE if they show up at their door:

Here’s what Pelosi told people in the press conference, via CNS News:

An I.C.E. deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. If that is the only document I.C.E. brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home.

If I.C.E. agents don’t have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. An administrative order of removal from I.C.E. or immigration authorities is simply not enough.

Families belong together. Everyone in our country has rights. Many of these families are mixed-status families. We hope the president — we pray that the president will think about this.

This is so un-American.

Does Pelosi not realize that these illegals have deportation orders issued by a judge? She should be telling them to leave voluntarily, or at the very least, to comply with ICE officials in order that no one gets hurt. Instead, she’s setting up possible confrontations between illegals and ICE agents and putting people’s lives in danger.

And she’s not the only one:

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72 thoughts on “WATCH: Pelosi WARNS illegals on how to avoid deportation from ICE

  1. No you btch they do NOT have American rights they’re NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS! I think it’s time to show piglosi what the 2nd Amendment is REALLY FOR!!!

  2. Considering it takes 2-3 years for illegals to get their case heard & they are provided FREE LEGAL Council, at our expense, they probably know every angle of how to avoid deportation already. They know more about “their” rights than we do.

  3. Every single legal tax paying American citizen should be offended by the left’s support of our tax dollars going to their support of healthcare, education, and resources for undocumented, illegal aliens.
    Every. Single. Legal. Citizen.
    Anyone not offended by this has a Cortez lose.
    Every dollar spent on an illegal is a dollar less spent on our own citizens. There is no justification or logic for this.

  4. That communist witch should be charged with treason, she’s terrified her voter base will be deported.

  5. Someone needs to round up Pelosi, AOC and anyone else who is aiding and abetting criminals. They are breaking the law. Trump should tweet about this and the harm they’re doing to our country.

    THIS IS precisely why I get so annoyed with people leaking plans to round up illegals. Those who did this need to be arrested for leaking.

    1. Exactly right ! Too bad the scum bags don’t care about our Veterans but embrace illegals.

    2. Exactly right ! Too bad the scum bags don’t care about our Veterans but embrace illegals.

    1. @j3rd:disqus Now I have to get used to Disqus again.

      I have mixed feelings here. Of course I don’t like it that she’s warning the illegals, but if these are their rights then I don’t see how we can say she’s stepping out of bounds. It would be different if she was letting them know of surprise raids or telling them how to circumvent our laws, but all she’s doing here is telling them what the law is. I don’t like it but I’m not sure that means she’s doing something she shouldn’t.

      1. Yeah, I’ve had to change things around on the tablet, it won’t work with the DuckDuckGo app. I guess that you’re right, it may not be illegal, but it’s morally reprehensible.

  6. ICE needs to start staking out Lowes and Home Depot. Have one go to the front door of a factory and yell, “La Migra!” while the rest of them cover the back door.

    1. U-Haul too. There’s always a swarm of illegals outside my local U-Haul. They approach every customer entering the store, asking if they need moving help.

  7. People like Pelosi make me #@%*# furious. They live in gated communities, chauffeurs, have staffers do their shopping and never come in contact with the American public like us. Meanwhile, we get in accidents with illegals that have no insurance, face 10 hour waiting times in the ER clogged with illegals using hospitals as doctors offices. Their kids and grand kids go to private schools so they aren’t in classrooms with kids who can speak little to no English, etc.

  8. “Listen up Army of the Confederacy: The Army of the Potomac is in disarray after their defeat at Bull Run. If you march on D.C. now, you can take them by surprise and end the War of Northern Aggression in one fell swoop right now!”

    -Nancy Pelosi if she had been a Democrat during the Civil War (like all the other secessionists were)

  9. I mean, legally they’re correct. I don’t know why ICE wouldn’t get search warrants though.

      1. I suppose it would depend on the extent to which they could show probable cause for some other crime; being an illegal is, well, illegal, but it isn’t a crime, and you can’t get a search warrant to aid the execution of a non-judicial removal order.

          1. Removal orders are issued by immigration courts, which are Article I tribunals that are part of the DoJ, not Article III courts that are part of the judicial branch. So immigration judges aren’t “judges” in that they aren’t senate confirmed and they don’t wield any Article III Powers, and they can’t, for example, issue search warrants.

            After a removal order is issued, the person ordered deported can appeal it to the Board of Immigration Appeals (another Article I tribunal) and, if they get shut down there, can appeal to the relevant Article III circuit court, but I’m guessing that none or very few of these people have done that. Plus, even if the circuit court denies the appeal, that doesn’t transform the removal order into a court order, since the court doesn’t actually issue anything.

  10. Families belong together…is Pelosi saying that when we arrest and incarcerate someone for DUI, murder, robbery…we must arrest and imprison their whole family?

  11. How conveniently racist of AOC to use big white guys coming after the poor victimized women and children.

    Why not invite the illegals into your own homes, Nan & AOC, and give them protection from the big bad white guys?

  12. Is she going to advise citizens on how not to get arrested? We get taken to jail for simply not paying a traffic ticket! Does she care about our families? Hell no.

    The more Democrats fight for illegals, many Republicans too, the more I want their ass’ deported. The unfairness is off the charts. I got stories galore from right here in Texas on how illegals have near free reign in this country.

    In my opinion, it’s up to citizens to take care of this problem. The authorities won’t touch them. The politicians won’t touch them. Somebody has to do something and now. I’m beyond fed up with illegals taking advantage of us.

    1. As Kong pointed out to me, she’s not actually telling them how to break the law, only to avoid ICE.

  13. Uh, none of this matters because illegals literally have no rights under the US Constitution. They are not citizens, hence, no rights at all.

    Giving advice on how to evade justice sounds like a crime. Until there are consequences for this Tokyo Rose-ish behavior, Dems will continue to do it. Somebody should show them what equality under the law looks like and start locking them up.

    1. Actually, where the constitution says “people” rather than “citizens” they do.

    2. Authorities are not allowed to enter occupied dwellings without either a warrant or consent of the occupier. Doesn’t matter whether the person in the dwelling in question is a citizen or not.

  14. can we bring charges for like sedition or treason or aiding and abetting… I mean seriously… these people are crooks.

  15. She is afraid of losing her voter base. That line about arresting families as they go to church, she’s such a despicable hypocrite, she hates Christians.

  16. You know I didn’t think I missed Disqus but I definitely did. If the block function is still here I am cracking open a celebration beer. Back to the creature at hand PLEASE take some illegals and dump them right on her properties.

      1. Maybe she’ll just keel over eventually or choke on her dentures OR the 4 horsewoman of the congress will get the Clintons to do something.

    1. Seriously. The block feature is the best part of the return to disqus. I can’t wait for you all to start using it so that you stop whining that there’s no block feature.

      Get to blocking blockers! Into that echo chamber with you all!

  17. If that’s the law then ICE officials should know it and already be in compliance with it, right? There shouldn’t be any issues because when the illegal asks for a warrant they can say, “Right here, ma’am/sir” and then off they go.

  18. this video stresses rights of illegals. Maybe I am missing something here, but do they actually have rights like the rest of us?

      1. No, the Constitution is a contract between the federal government and we the people (implies U.S. citizens).

        1. So, in your view, would it be legal for the federal government to simply accuse an illegal immigrant of an unspecified crime and then execute him or her without a trial?

          1. In my view, our government isn’t obligated to protect the natural rights of foreign citizens. Especially on things like freedom of assembly, and the right to bear arms, which foreign nations can conspire to use against us.

  19. Were this 1861, Lincoln would have had her Executed for Sedition Against the Union!

    But that was in America.

    1. Sedition laws are not a good example. They were a dark spot on American history. There has to be other ways to get these people out of the country legally and efficiently.

      1. In This case, Sedition applies.

        If laws against Treason were inappropriately used in certain instances, that in no way negates the fact that Treason still exists.

        Not quite a perfect analogy, as it’s not a crime, but Trump was railroaded for “collusion,” however, Hillary actually colluded with the Russians.

  20. Federal agents had no problem removing Elian Gonzalez. They had the paperwork, they forced their way into the house and took the boy back to his father.

    ICE has the orders…at least that is what I have been reading. Signed orders by a Judge. These people did not show up in court at the appointed time and date. They’re done – back to where you came from, people.

    You’ll find no sympathy here.

  21. Pelosi is a miserable human being!!!! She needs to retire to her penthouse or wherever she lives!!!!

  22. Karma is going to catch up to pompous Pelosi, maybe it already has (AOC). Live by radical progressivism, die by radical progressivism?

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