WATCH: Peter Doocy asks a DOOZY of a question to new WH Press Secretary…

Peter Doocy, who we all know writes his own questions, asked a doozy to Karine Jean-Pierre about the shooting in Buffalo.

Specifically, Doocy wanted to know why Biden is so quick to visit Buffalo but did not visit Waukesha after the Christmas parade attack last year where 6 were killed and 61 injured:

I absolutely love this. The question by Doocy is absolutely on point and the new White House press secretary did a horrible job answering it, saying that Biden has been to many other communities, or something.

We all know only reason Biden is going to Buffalo so quickly is because it was a racist attack by an admitted white supremacist, intentionally shooting and killing black victims. He loves the politics of it and therefore he’s going there to try and help himself and his party.

The Waukesha Christmas parade attack, however, was perpetrated by a racist black man who intentionally drove his vehicle through barriers and ran over white parade members as they marched through the streets of Waukesha, killing 6 and injuring 61.

Biden could have easily gone there but it was not politically attractive to him so he never went. He, nor his party, want to highlight a racist black man committing a massacre because they gain nothing from it. They only care about white on black violence.

So well done Peter Doocy for asking this tough question even if you knew the answer you were going to get was complete garbage.

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