WATCH: Peter Doocy knocked it out of the park with this question to KJP

Peter Doocy asked a fantastic question yesterday of White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre and it was so good she refused to even directly answer it.

In fact she didn’t like it so much she called it a ‘rabbit hole’:

“How is president Biden ever going to convince the three-quarters of voters who are worried about his physical and mental health that he’s okay even though in Las Vegas he told a story about recently talking to a French president who died in 1996?”

That was absolutely a homerun of a question. Kudos to Doocy for trying to force the White House to address Biden’s deteriorating mental state. After all, he is the man with the nuclear codes and a question like this deserves an answer.

Funny, I remember when the entire media “cared” about the mental state of our president and would have flipped their lid if Trump had said something like this. But when Biden does it, ZZzzzzz……

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