Greedy White Men: Pizza Hut BRAGS about sponsoring ‘Anti-Racist’ INDOCTRINATION of kids. [WATCH]

Pizza Hut is proud of this. They’re promoting it. They are brainwashing kids and they are aware of exactly what content they are brainwashing them with. Critical race theory is everywhere. Even in food.

  “Selfish men have created unjust, racist laws.”

Pizza Hut is partnered with a group called First Book, which pretends at being an educational group, in sponsoring a curriculum that includes teaching kids that Greedy White Men™ are out to get them.

  “White people make other people think that black people are bad.”

They’ve been exposed by their own hand, and were lit up on social media when people realized what was IN the videos Pizza Hut was proudly promoting.

  “Prejudice has been used as a tool for these greedy men to protect their stuff.”

Those are all quotes from the teacher and kids in these videos embraced by Pizza Hut.

“Let me say at the outset, as Pizza Hut we are so proud to support this work.” That’s what they say. Look at this video from Mythinformed showing what Pizza Hut is “so proud” of.


These are some of the videos the clips are from.

Post Millennial has the quotes.

Dempsey asked one student: “What is the dominant culture, what does the dominant culture do?” The student replied to the teacher, “They make people believe certain stereotypes about certain groups of people, not just blacks, also browned [sic] or indigenous, anybody who’s skin color is darker.”

Responding to the same question, another student said: “Dominant cultures for powerful people with power and white people make other people think that black people are bad, so that’s why black people don’t have … power.”

And there’s more:

A LOT more actually, as PJ Media explained a few days ago.

The kids in the videos above happen to live in Brooklyn. Pizza Hut’s racist curriculum is used well beyond Brooklyn.

Iowa is using it. Schools in your area may be using it too. Check for First Book, as that’s the innocuous name of the program.

Pizza Hut isn’t the only woke corporation funding the First Book program — this website lists a couple dozen companies including Ford, Intel, Disney, and Ralph Lauren as sponsors funding the pushing of racist education on children as young as 11. If these children grow up continuing to hate others based on race, the outcome will be disastrous for them and for the country.

As you might expect, Randi Weingarten, the head of the second-largest teachers union in the United States, the American Federation of Teachers, is pushing to preserve and keep expanding critical race theory in public schools. The teachers unions have gone all-in on indoctrinating children in every public school they can get their hands on.

This could be in your town. In your kid’s classroom. The ideas could be part of their worldview right now unless you correct it.

Obviously, it’s impossible to overstate how dangerous and INSANE it is to teach kids that white people are monsters trying to kill them. What do they think a person who is taught that at a young age will do when they are older? Go get a job? Contribute to society? Become a responsible adult?

No. They are creating future terrorists. Which is the intent. It’s the point.

You probably don’t eat at Pizza Hut. But if you do, might want to stop.

I leave you with these thoughts.

We know exactly what it is. We can see videos of it. It’s destructive and it’s meant to be. The only reason they can openly advance destructive brainwashing of kids and simultaneously get away with claiming they’re doing no such thing is because the media permits and indulges it, because they’re lead by the likes of Brian Stelter, Brian Williams, Brianna Keilar, and Rachel Maddow.

America – the world actually – is in big, big trouble.

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