WATCH: Presidementia Biden says he had THREE reasons for running. Loses count after TWO.

Let me give you the five reasons this clip of Joe Biden promising a list of three reasons he ran for president and then forgetting to list all three of them is a classic clip.

1) Biden’s obvious and continuous mental decline continues to cause him painfully awkward senior moments.
2) The media ignores this completely.
7) He’s such clown about it.
F) The administration keeps trying to blame a fake stutter.
π) The whole media and Democrat apparatus currently hiding behind decorum last 4 year could not STOP doing news stories and CNN segments about how Trump needed his mental capacity checked, despite always being coherent and not stuttering or forgetting where he is, what he’s doing, or how to count the way Biden does every day.

It’s classic because it has all the trimmings. And also forgetting to finish a list that’s only three items long is just dang funny.

Of course, it’s not the first time.

Nobody ever calls him on it. Ain’t that classic?

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