WATCH: President Mask Fancy futilely tries to makes his mouth say words about trains. Also stage panic.

President* Buttercup gets the tiptoes through the tulips treatment from the propaganda corps posing as a press corps in D.C. Literally they snap pics of him picking dandelions while he’s taking breaks from instituting fascism on behalf of President Harris and co-President Soros.

But sometimes the strings on a puppet can get tangled. Especially when the puppet is a couple thousand years old and not working with a full bag of marbles in the first place. So when that happens, when your puppet is on the fritz, there’s nothing you can do but watch in dismay and then order the pressaganda corps not to bust him.

Like today, when Biden AGAIN couldn’t get a word out and showed his obvious mental decline and the press don’t say a thing about it. Unless it’s to defend him because “he had a stutter” when he was a kid.

Even he were being coherent, it would have been gobbledygook anyway because it’s more dumb super train talk. The favorite of every white haired 90-something.

And don’t forget his pathetic panic on stage because he couldn’t find his mask. THAT WAS IN HIS OWN POCKET.

Yeah let’s take THIS guy’s advice on things, huh?

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