WATCH: President Trump tells Mark Levin Dems deliberately undermining, ‘DENIGRATING’ vaccine for political gain

On Sunday, Life, Liberty & Levin will feature a full hour-long sit-down interview with President Donald Trump. Mark Levin shared some footage from that interview on social media today, and this clip is really important and powerful.

Levin brings up what we have all witnessed, which is the Democrats and media being “very hostile” to the vaccine and it coming out quickly.

Levin points out that the CEOs of these pharmaceutical companies have explained and stated for the record they’re following the science in the development of a Covid vaccine. But anti-science Democrats are attacking that process because they don’t want Trump to get credit. That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s what happening.

And the President knows it, and he says so.

“Instead of saying ‘wow this is great news we’re gonna have the vaccine early’ they’re saying ‘oh the vaccine’s coming out too soon, it’s going to be unsafe’ all of these things,” said Trump. “It has nothing to do with the safety. These are great companies, they’re not going to put themselves on the line they would have tremendous liability.”

That, of course, is utterly logical. But Democrats continue to, as the President says “denigrate” the vaccine.

If you were to put it in the words that Democrats use about Trump when he talks about masks or mandates, the Democrats are “undermining confidence” in the process and the institutions, not to mention the science. They’re scaring Americans about vaccines IN ADVANCE.

Maybe Democrats just don’t want you to be safe or healthy. Maybe they hope your parents or grandparents will die and you’ll be upset and then blame Trump. Maybe they WANT Covid to hang around as a political football. The media too, they’ve been equally attacking the very idea of a vaccine.

It sure seems like that doesn’t it?

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