WATCH: Rand Paul calls out Moderna CEO on myocarditis, reveals what he was told in private…

Today the CEO of Moderna is testifying in the Senate and Senator Rand Paul took the opportunity to grill Stephan Bancel about myocarditis in young people, among other important topics.

Specifically, Paul revealed what the president of Moderna told him in private after the CEO wouldn’t answer his question about myocarditis.

Here’s the very short version:

As you’ll see in the longer video, Moderna CEO’s actually claimed that, per the CDC, there is less risk of young people getting myocarditis after having had their vaccine.

But Paul totally calls him out on this, telling Bancel that his own president revealed to him in private that there is a higher risk of myocarditis in young people. Paul said that he was disturbed that the CEO wouldn’t reveal this in public.

The longer video goes into more topics, but the portion about myocarditis comes early.

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