WATCH: Rand Paul CONFRONTS Biden’s Transgender HHS nominee over genital mutilation of minors

Senator Rand Paul confronted Joe Biden’s HHS transgender nominee over his support of genital mutilation of minors:

Paul asked ‘Dr. Levine’ multiple times if he supported minors getting their breasts chopped off and their genitals mutilated in order to change sexes, and Levine refused to directly answer the question every time, spewing the same ‘transgender medicine is complicated’ garbage.

You really need to watch the full clip to see how epic Paul’s questioning was, because he left absolutely no room for doubt in terms of what he was asking. He even highlighted now-adults who were deceived by the medical community and regretted mutilating their bodies when they were teens. But he got the same non-answer from Levine.

A lot of Biden’s nominees have issues. But if Levine’s nomination gets a single vote from any Republican, especially after his refusal to stand against minors getting their genitals mutilated, that Republican need to be tossed out of the Senate on their head. I’m looking at you Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

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