WATCH: Rand Paul GRILLS Dr. Fauci in heated exchange on why he’s telling vaccinated people to wear masks

Rand Paul took it to Dr. Fauci today in a somewhat heated exchange today on why Fauci is telling both vaccinated people and those who’ve already had COVID to keep wearing masks:

Rand Paul is essentially making two points here. The first, which is that there is zero evidence that vaccinated or previously-infected people still spread the virus. And secondly, of the studies that have already looked into this, they offer optimism that these two types of people aren’t spreading the virus in any significant way.

Which is why he puts Fauci on the spot, accusing him of ignoring the science and choosing to push theater instead. They both go back and forth, but Paul keeps pressing Fauci to explain the science behind telling these people to wear masks.

The only real point Fauci seems to make here is about the ‘variants’. But as Paul points out, there’s no evidence that these variants are here in any significant way. They are mostly in other countries at this point, and there’s no reason for people to keep wearing masks when they’ve been vaccinated or previously infected.

In fact Paul tells Fauci that if he wants people to take the vaccine, to give them a reward or incentive like not having to wear a mask after they’ve been vaccinated.

Watch the video for more…

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