WATCH: Rashida Tlaib WARNS Pelosi not to single them out because they are “women of color”

It looks like we’re nearly back to where all of this began. In an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, The Squad defended their past comments and also warned Pelosi not to single them out in the future because they are women of color and they are getting death threats:

I know it’s The Squad, but it’s easier to watch than you might think.

To begin with, both Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar say they do not regret their comments from earlier this year, where Tlaib referred to Trump by saying “We’re going to impeach that mother****er” and Omar made her infamous comment about “The Benjamins”. Kudos to Gayle King for asking them about it.

King later turned the conversation to Pelosi and that’s where it got interesting. It started with AOC clarifying her remarks about Pelosi and “women of color” (via Mediaite):

“When you say things like the speaker of the House is being disrespectful to women of the color, is she, according to you, being disrespectful to women of color because of your color, or because she doesn’t like your policies or the tactics that you all are taking to make your point?” King asked.

“Right, and I’ll clarify. I did not say that she was disrespectful of women of color,” Ocasio-Cortez said, but added “I found some of the comments disrespectful, and that was my personal opinion. And I did feel that singling out on the basis of one vote was creating an opening.”

King then asked if they were speaking to Pelosi, and AOC pointed out that their teams were speaking. But King asked “shouldn’t it be face to face” and that’s when the interview quickly turned anti-Pelosi, if you will. Tlaib suggested that by singling them out, as women of color, Pelosi is contributing to the death threats they are getting:

“She’s the new member, not the speaker,” Tlaib said, of AOC. “She has every right to sit down with her in any moment, anytime, with any of us.”

“She is speaker of the House, she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification,” Tlaib continued, speaking of Pelosi. “The fact of the knowledge is, and I’ve done racial justice work in our country for a long time, acknowledge the fact that we are women of color, so when you do single us out, be aware of that, and what you’re doing. Especially because some of us are getting death threats. Because some of us are being singled out in many ways because of our backgrounds, because of our experiences and so forth.”

This is complete nonsense. They are hiding behind the notion that they are ‘women of color’ as if it’s some protected status, warning Pelosi not to single them out again. But they can single her out?

You know what? Pelosi will comply, because she’s already done it before. Remember how she refused to call out Ilhan Omar by name for her anti-Semitism earlier this year? Pelosi set a precedent then and now The Squad is putting her on notice that they can’t be singled out and held accountable for whatever they say or do.

What a mess the Democratic Party has become. Trump really needs to stay off the twitter and let the destruction happen.

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94 thoughts on “WATCH: Rashida Tlaib WARNS Pelosi not to single them out because they are “women of color”

  1. Speaking of death threats, did you hear the one that Congressman Matt Gaetz of California received? and the stupid Judge refuse to prosecute the guy that made the call. Damn double standards. These women will have their day in court and their accusers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because of their “skin color”, it WHITE no longer a color? Just asking.

    1. Ya, I heard it was a “US” prosecutor in California that didn’t think it was charge worthy. If it’s a US prosecutor, I would think he’s part of DOJ and I hope AG Barr looks into this.

    2. I wasn’t aware that Rep. Gaetz was a woman of color, after all if you listen to “the Squad” they’re the ones getting the threats because of their color.

  2. Obama once said “if they bring a knife to a fight, we’ll bring a gun.” His weapon was the melanin in his skin. These women are trying to bring a flamethrower to the fight using their race, but they are just burning themselves in the process. Take responsibility for your actions instead of throwing everyone, including your own party, under the bus. What a mess these four are creating for Pelousy and the Dems.

  3. I’m sure Trump/republicans aren’t getting death threats or ICE facilities aren’t getting attacked because of things “the squad” has said though… oh wait a minute.

    1. notice how only the leftists are the ones that complain when they get any death threat, yet the right has to deal with death threats and actual violence against them routinely.

  4. Piglosi isn’t going to survive the stress levels she has to be feeling. Couldn’t happen to a better person. She gave those in the JihadSquad a voice and the microphone when they entered the House for the first time. I know they threatened to not vote for her as the Speaker, and then demanded particular committee appointments in exchange for their votes. Omar now sits on the House intelligence committee where she has access to classified info. Even after the wild circus in the House yesterday, where she had to come forward to defend these Jihadis, they are still slamming her. Looking like they want her gone as badly as they want Trump impeached.

      1. Someone had used that on Twitter and I thought it was short, sweet, accurate and it rhymes. These four really are jihadis against America.

  5. Interesting how towards the end of the interview, CBS’s King is talking about conciliation between these four idiots and Pelosi. Is it really the media’s job to unite the Democrat party??

  6. FYI, sisters of hate, it is not your color(s) I have a problem with. It is your actions and end goals that I take issue with, remember that when we the people smack you down.

    1. It was the same with Obama. “You want to pass what law? That’s not a good idea.” “RACIST!!!!”
      The torch was proudly passed in the party.

  7. I see more Democrat members being sicked on these four. That’s what was going on before the Trump tweets. So we’re full circle now, and I agree that Trump needs to sit back and watch them consume one another.

    1. Why, the Fact Of Knowledge (FOK) is the key to the universe. It explains why we are driving on parkways and parking on driveways. It is all things good. It is the drink of the drank, the stink of the stank, the shizzle of all nizzle.

      All good on that now?

  8. You will have to excuse me, but I’m not upto date on the leftist nomenclature. What exactly is “a person of color”? I have yet to meet a person that is pure “white” or a person that is “colored”–we kinda all a shade of tan/brown/black, so what is a person of color? Do they use crayon?

    1. If you sense being oppressed, you’re a person of color. Just worry about yourself, Abe… which by coincidence, also happens to be another indicator of color too. :-

      1. That’s because they want to put several “races” together under one tag so they have more clout.

        Other wise it’s just the tail wagging the dog. Even group all non whites together it’s still the tail wagging the dog. They take up a whole lot of the oxygen for their numbers.

        Whites = 76.5%

        Black/African American = 13.4%

        Native American = 1.3%

        Asian = 5.9%

        Hawaiian/Pacific Islander = 0.2%

        Hispanic/Latino = 18.3

      2. I was just being sarcastic, but I don’t buy into this color-coded divisions that the left forces on us. I’m not buying it–it’s what the Nazis did before they massacred specific groups they identified as inferior.

        1. I was checking my lab results and looked at my medical “profile”. Race shown as white/Caucasian. Okay. Then a few tabs across, was the notation. “Not Hispanic/Latino”
          Why was that clarification even necessary? Because they had to make a race for brown skin tones.

          1. I absolutely refuse to fill those out these ridiculous questionnaires except to inform Doctor of my race for medical purposes. Another interesting thing is why only those races? There is literally hundreds of ethnicities, races–why only select those to put on a form? Seems to prioritize specific races if you ask me.

            1. I didn’t fill out those forms in recent years – I’ve been going to this medical group for probably 30 years. I wouldn’t have thought much about the “white” box but wouldn’t distinguish, affirmatively or negatively, other races so that was a real surprise. On census (the ACS) I answered American Human to that question.

    2. Last I checked white is a color too. I wonder if they’re suggestion people who are clear are the problem race.

  9. It’s interesting how near the end the gloves come off and they start saying that Pelosi can call on THEM and come meet with THEM any time she wants. It just shows a level of their sense of entitlement. How about they go talk to Pelosi?

    None of those women like each other… all of them deserve each other.

  10. How are you not racist by stating you can say whatever you want with zero repercussions because of your skin color? Freshman elitists….the worst.

    1. ONLY White people can be racist. “People of color” can say whatever they want because it’s impossible for them to be racist. It’s a stupid premise but it is what the SJW “Woke” Goofballs believe.

  11. I agree. Trump needs to stay out of this and let them beat each other up. It’s funny how some people thought that Trump’s comments would unite the party. It may have put a band aid on it for a while. But as they say, you can’t put a band aid on a gunshot wound.

  12. Scoop, I agree with your sentiment, please President Trump, stay out of it and let the progressives devour themselves.

  13. Feel that nipping at your heels, Nan? Sharp, little, needle teeth eating away at your authority.

    You built that.
    Hope your liquor cabinet is stocked.

    Sit back and enjoy the show, Mr. President. Tie your thumbs to your palm if you must….

    1. Her liquor cabinet’s always fully stocked; with top shelf, high end booze, And we’re paying for it.

  14. They are using the race card way to much. Just bc you are high on the Leftist victim scale doesn’t mean you’re above criticism!

  15. Could CBS have bent over any further to make the Squad look good? Tlaib is a nasty one for sure. Interesting how Pressley wasn’t asked about her racist comments.

    BTW……….don’t we all have some color pigment in our skin???? This “women of color” is an excuse and nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Nothing to do with your color ladies! Everything to do with your character! I am at a silly car wash and there is a woman with a scarf on her head talking VERY loudly on her cell. Not English either! Don’t care about her scarf nor her language but her looks of daring someone to say something. I hate it when anyone talks loudly in public on their phone! I am sick of this entitlement attitude of some folks, like the “Squat” group!

  17. The fact of the knowledge is, and I’ve done racial justice work in our
    country for a long time, acknowledge the fact that we are women of
    color, so when you do single us out, be aware of that, and what you’re

    Oh, I can certainly believe she’s into “racial justice.” (Which inevitably means “group justice” and is therefore the opposite of actual justice where people are treated and judged as individuals.)

    In fact, this is exactly what you would expect to get when people in the “social justice” racket manage to get elected to Congress.

    But that scam only works when people believe in it. Most people don’t.. You can get by with it in very far-left Congressional districts, but it’s not going to carry weight across the nation.

  18. How about we single you four out because you’re all so freaking stupid?!! I don’t care what their color is their stupid unreasoningly violent ignorance is enough to drive fear into anyone’s heart. They will drive this country off a cliff in a heartbeat if they are not reined in.

    1. No American should be “afraid” of these nitwits; we must grow our own values and reject them soundly to save our nation from generations of apathy, making them and their puppet-masters afraid of US!

  19. Nancy does not single you out because you are women of color. If singled out, it is because of your ignorance and continued embarrassing hatred for Americans. As a side note, your squad is “entitled” to a special place in h€ll.

  20. These women are not disliked because of the color of their skin or because they are female-ish. They are disliked because their ideologies are unAmerican, anti-Judeo/Christian, hate our Constitution and because they are for terrorists and against We The People. ALL JUSTICE DEMOCRATS MUST BE TOSSED OUT IN FUTURE ELECTIONS (and watch for re-organization under another pretty name)!!

  21. Women of color? What the hell does that even mean? I’m a woman of color too – my color is kind of a cross between skim milk and cottage cheese. It has nothing to do with my heart or mind or character. Although the money I’ve spent on sun block over the years would have given me a much more comfortable retirement if I had it all back.

  22. I despise pelosi but she better rein in the wackos before she finds herself in cement boots.

    1. I don’t think she can. They think they are in control – not knowing the difference between ruling on Twitter and in the House of Representatives. If Pelosi can’t handle them there are others in the Democrat Party that will.

  23. On a scale of 1 to Liz Warren, that is pretending to not be white, AOC is about an 8. She grew up in an upper class suburb, and other than the “Cortez”, is about as white as the congressman she primaried.

  24. I don’t think idiocy has a color – it definitely has a smell or should I say stench?

  25. Now if Trump can just keep his fingers off his cell phone and just STFU for a few days the democrats will do the dirty work on each other. Pop up some popcorn and watch the show. Please Mr President, just shut up for once, please.

  26. Humans are way too obsessed with “being respected.”

    Does it not occur to anyone that respect is earned?

    Or that it is 100% irrelevant to questions of True/False, Right/Wrong?”

  27. My fifth grade teacher would respond to kids that wanted some kind of special treatment with “Are you a Privileged Character?” Usually they would respond no, and he would say “Okay then.”

  28. COLOR has NOTHING to do with it. It is about these four being ANTI-AMERICAN. Donald Trump is not the problem here. If you don’t like America leave. The problem would be who would want this SQUAD.

  29. Notice how the reporter starts the interview by stating Trump’s racist tweets. He states it as fact instead of saying, “Trumps allegedly racists tweets” or “Trumps tweets that some are calling racist”

    1. Exactly what I noticed. The “news” media is being very assertive about telling us what to think.

  30. I beg of “The Squad”, keep on attacking Pelosi, keep on insisting that any criticism of you is implicitly racist. You have every right to insist on immunity from criticism no different than your fellow Leftists granted Barack Obama.

    It is long past due that the Democrats had this conversation among themselves.

  31. oh you crybabies just stop with the I am a girl of color
    it is 2019 grow a few or get the hell out
    lord bimbos either you are strong women with brains or victims make up your minds
    you need to stop with the girl/color thing it is soooooooooooooooooo old and boring ladies MAN UP

  32. The four women of odor stink because they are the enemy of We The People. Period!
    Looks like they are sharing the same bloody lipstick!

  33. These four throw around the label of “women of color” every chance they get. What does women of color mean? There are many different women of color in our society Pink ones, black ones, brown ones, and yellow ones, white ones, so the term “women of color” confuses me, because they are dark skinned do these four think there color warrants special treatment. I think these four AOC, TLAB , OMAR AND PRESSLY are nothing but four Race baiters no different than Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton ,Corry Booker or Kamalla Harris, using the color of there skin to play the victim, by invokeing racism, Using racism to enhance there visibility and notoriety with the help of the Communist main stream press.

    1. It’s gotten to be just another term the left likes to keep repeating even though it’s lost its meaning.

  34. If I hear one more person use the term “racist” or “people of color” I think I’m going to throw up.

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