WATCH: Registered Democrat tells Tucker about the blatant corruption at Philadelphia’s vote counting center

Brian McCafferty, who says he’s a registered Democrat, dropped a video earlier today about the corruption he’s seeing in at the Philadelphia convention center where they are counting the vote:

This video went viral today and I was going to post it, but Twitter began censoring it and eventually removed it for ‘violating their terms of service’, which made it hard for me to figure out if it was legit or not:

They didn’t remove the actual video, however, which is the very same video in Kelmen’s tweet above.

But McCafferty was just on Tucker tonight and explained how difficult the Democrats in Philly are making it on people who are there to observe, saying the closest desk for you to observe is 30 feet away and the furthest is about 150 feet away. He says you can’t observe anything because it’s all too far away. Not to mention the observers are behind steel bars like they are in prison.

You can watch his full interview below:

McCafferty says he was at the convention center yesterday to observe when he noticed how difficult Democrats were making it on them to do their job. So today when he went back, he began recording video and that’s when they kicked him out of the convention center.

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