WATCH: Reporter gets angry with White House Press Secretary over not allowing COVID origins question

White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre harshly repremanded a female reporter for asking a question about the origins of COVID.

The reporter may have yelled the question out-of-turn and that’s what Jean-Pierre was upset about. I don’t know because the video doesn’t include that portion.

But another reporter near the back of the room came to this reporter’s defense and argued with Jean-Pierre, telling her that she needs to call on people from across the room and that the other reporter’s question was valid and she needs to allow it.


This is what happens when only select questions are allowed in the breifing room. I remember when Kayleigh McEnany was White House Press Secretary and she did call on people across the room and never had this problem.

I don’t know the reporter’s name who got angry or which outlet he works for, but you can see his picture at the top.

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