WATCH: Republicans on House Intel Committee read letter DEMANDING Adam Schiff immediately resign!

All nine Republicans on the House Intel Committee are turning up the heat on Adam Schiff, calling for him to immediately resign.

They collectively say to Schiff, via a letter read aloud in the hearing, that “we no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation”

This occurred just a few moments ago during a House Intel Committee meeting.


Kevin McCarthy tweeted out the actual letter along with is own call for Schiff to resign:

Here’s the letter:

As the letter points out so clearly, Schiff has lied to the American people over and over about evidence of Trump colluding with the Russias and he used his position on the intelligence committee to bolster his credibility.

It’s without question that he absolutely needs to resign. As Buck Sexton noted, “If Adam Schiff does not resign from this intel committee post, there is no level of incompetence and cynicism that could ever warrant resignation from it.”

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66 thoughts on “WATCH: Republicans on House Intel Committee read letter DEMANDING Adam Schiff immediately resign!

  1. I am sure the MSM will ignore this piece of news or they will just marginalize and mock the Republicans that requested Schiff to resign.

  2. I will be shocked if he resigns! He has never shown an ounce of shame or remorse though he has lied EVERY step of the way! He is your typical demonrat! Pathetic,disgusting,duplicitous little weasel!

  3. If Slantry is still around I would like to ask what are the consequences for Adam and Swalwell withholding evidence? I thought that would be a crime in itself. Openly admit they have evidence yet don’t show it

    1. Don’t you want a straight answer? Asking Slantry is like asking Schiff what he thinks about this.

    1. He looks like a poor man’s Harvey Spector (Suits, tv series), but no one ever seems to get the reference.

  4. I would rather have Kevin McCarthy talk about the Wall and punishing Mexico for allowing the problems at the Wall.

  5. Shifty won’t resign and Pelosi won’t make him either so they need to keep the pressure coming. When the Senate begins their investigation and the IG report is released Shifty will rue the day he didn’t resign because he’ll want to find a rock to crawl under.

    1. As always, the main problem is that Democrats have absolutely no shame. Schifforbrains will keep his hands on the reins of power until they’re ripped away from him like they were for Weiner.

      1. @trytothink He’s going to try for sure but he also needs to be investigated. Let’s hope he is.

    2. Yup, Pelosi is sticking up for Schiff. She’s spending so much time doing damage control with her out-of-control people it’s a wonder she has time to do anything else.

    1. Never was and never will be. But then “honor” is hard to find in Washington D.C. which isn’t surprising since voters don’t seem to value it anymore. If they ever did.

  6. :thumbsup: I had to laugh watching a clip of him on Fox the other day. Reporters were questioning him & he got so flustered trying to get away from them that he walked the wrong direction & couldn’t get away. He AND swalwell both need to go.

  7. I can’t help to laugh while reading this letter they actual addressed Adam Schiff as “The Honorable Adam Schiff” while rightfully shaming him before his own committee………LMAO

    1. It’s probably the only time “Honorable” and “Adam Schiff” can be used in the same sentence…

    1. They have nothing to say about whether he is removed or not. That’s up to Pelosi and she’s standing with him. That’s the difference with them – they stick together.

  8. Good! :thumbsup:

    Even if nothing comes of this, at least they are on the record about it, and that’s something.

  9. I’m impressed that the Republicans have found their backbone.

    I’ll be very surprised if Schiff actually resigns from the committee. Even more surprised than I am that the Republicans finally found their backbone.

    1. Well that ain’t gonna happen. And he won’t resign from the committee either. But if it gets too hot for him Pelosi may take the Chairmanship from him. But I doubt it.

  10. And he continues to lie to the public. Not only should he resign from the committee he should resign from Congress and go flip burgers at McDonalds.

  11. Why did you let him get away with this when you were in control of both houses? Strange how the vocal cords work when you don’t have a chance in hell any of them will listen…

    1. When the GOP was in control of both houses Schiff wasn’t Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee so how could they tell him to resign?

      They are not, I hope, telling him to resign as a congressman since he was elected by the people and that’s their job. If lying was a reason for resigning there wouldn’t be a member in the House.

      1. Really it’s meaningless, no teeth in it. That’s what republicans do when they don’t have power. Beat their chest for show but it means nothing. Last year is when they had teeth and they hid in the corner and made up every excuse why they couldn’t move things forward

        1. @trapper1960s When they had control of the committee Paul Ryan stopped them at every turn………….this includes on investigations as well as immigration.

      2. Because the only time they say anything is when they have no power to control it…Next it will be like all the other times, just elect us and we will get things done..There is a lot of blame to go around. It’s frustrating.

    2. @new-west You really need to check into how Paul Ryan stopped many things when he was Speaker. There was much he wouldn’t allow them to pursue.

  12. Being a Democrat means never having to take responsibility for being wrong.





    And now Schiff.

        1. I know I could get in trouble for saying this out loud in some places, but shouldn’t Schroom gang Barry Soetoro be at the top of the list, not sure if he’s #1 or #2, but I know he belongs.

          1. Something tells me if Smollett goes down (pun intended) then Obama goes down with him (also pun intended).

  13. I’ll hold my breathe……

    ………………………………………….then again, I do like living

  14. He, Schiff is to full of himself and will not resign. He likes being able to be in the limelight. His mannerisms remind me of a mouse who stole a huge piece of cheese and refuses to give it back even though the tip of his tail is caught in the trap.

  15. Schiff for brains should be thrown off his own committee for his lies and his blatant prejudice against the President. But, unfortunately, it won’t happen. Schumer and Pelosi seem to want to try to keep their Trump Russian Collusion/Obstruction of Justice narrative going even as the public loses interest and knows it is nothing but a load of BS.

    1. That’s always an option, someone assigned him to that committee, that someone can remove him… that’s the point about having a boss.

          1. Then she’s got to deal with the idiots she put on committees. And I will enjoy all the chaos they cause. Funny how the media takes her orders and her new trio of bigoted nutters will not.

  16. Trump has a winning hand right now. He just said on Hannity that Schiff needs to resign. We are on Thursday, and what happens? Republicans want Schiff to resign. We call that winning, baby. Let’s stay on offense and steamroll the corrupt Democrats.

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