WATCH RNC’s McDaniel stops CBS anchor Brennan COLD on BOGUS ‘Acceptable deaths’ poll: No of COURSE not, Margaret!!

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel shut Margaret Brennan DOWN on that bogus YouGov survey question that Democrats an anti Trumps are running buck wild with today.

If you didn’t see the preposterous question and answer, it’s all over Twitter. Here’s a CBS hack tweeting it.

Brennan tried to trap McDaniel with it, which was the plan all along and the reason CBS/YouGov put the question in the survey in the first place.

“How could that number be acceptable and why is there such a big divide between how Republicans see it and how the majority of people do?” asked Brennan.

“Well I think that is a really unfair poll, and of course there is nobody in this country — there is nobody, starting with the president of the United States — who wants to see people pass away from this global pandemic that came here from China,” said McDaniel.

She talked about how China and the WHO failed the global community, and how all Americans have been affected by this. “This is not a Republican or Democrat issue.”

“So you say that number is acceptable,” said Brennan out of the blue.

“No, of course not Margaret!” said McDaniel with some disbelief. “This is a global pandemic. Nobody wants to see somebody die from this, I have had friends die from this. This is not something people want!”

That was pretty near perfect by McDaniel, and pretty dang near perfectly despicable by Brennan. She might need a nickname around here soon.

Watch the whole thing on YouTube if you can stand her long enough.

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