WATCH: Ron DeSantis explains why was “a little bit perturbed” after visiting the border and it’s BRILLIANT

Ron DeSantis took aim at the ridiculousness of the Biden administration when it comes to their COVID policies and explained why this perturbed him when he visited the border:

DeSantis was explaining that, in the context of his lawsuit to free the cruise industry from the CDC’s COVID stranglehold, he got a little bit perturbed when at the southern border…

I got a little bit perturbed when I was at the southern border when I started thinking about if you wanted to fly from Brazil or you wanted to do certain travel, the way you would be treated by the federal government under the auspices of COVID mitigation. Some people wouldn’t even be allowed to come. A lot of these flights aren’t even allowed. If you wanted to go on a cruise ship, the federal government doesn’t want you except under extreme circumstances.

So they’re very, very rigorous with lawful commercial activity in travel. But if you just want to hopscotch across that border, they don’t care about COVID. They’re letting you straight in. They’re throwing you on a bus and they’re sending you all over the fruited plain in this country. So, I don’t understand how you square that.

If you’re saying that cruises have to go through all of these procedures because of COVID, wouldn’t you want people coming from a hundred different countries to just not be able to pour in the country effectively, with very little pushback? So I think it’s a huge, huge problem and the idea that we would treat American citizens and their right to travel with more disfavor than we’re treating foreign nationals illegally entering our country – that didn’t sit well with me and I was really frustrated to see that.

I love the way DeSantis thinks and he’s absolutely right about this. And this is why:

They want to transform Texas and Florida from red states into blue states, so they are letting people come in willy nilly, COVID or not. It’s a slap in the face in this country and I’m ready to vote for Ron DeSantis NOW. Get me a ballot because this man’s next stop should be the Oval Office.

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