WATCH: Ron DeSantis sets media ON FIRE after week of NEW obvious lies and OLD lies EXPOSED

This week we’ve watched the desperate CNN-led mainstream media spread NEW lies, repeat OLD lies, and ignore their even OLDER lies being exposed as the frauds they were.

Russia collusion, already proved a hoax, is now just just collapsed but the perpetrators are being rounded up. The media’s lies about voters and schools failed to win them their Democrat governor, and yet they then quadrupled down on those lies, going so far as to smear the first black Lt. Gov of Virginia as a white supremacist.

The corporate media is a propaganda machine, and it used to be well-oiled, but anymore it has major obstacles like OAN and The Right Scoop and even Peter Doocy turning the lies aside.

But there’s no bigger obstacle to their regime than future president of the United States Ron DeSantis. This short clip is awesome. It can BE short because it’s THAT easy for him to crush them. They’re like bugs to him.

Dang, darn, daggum right.

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