WATCH: Russell Brand BLASTS #TrudeauTyranny for “seizure of power” and “oppression” of Freedom Convoy

Russell Brand is a liberal, and weird one, but not really a “progressive” in the woke sense. In some ways he reminds one of a libertarian on some issues, and is an anti-war type. But sometimes he is absolutely right (and/or hilarious.)

On the issue of the tyrannical, dictatorial, fascist crackdown by Canadian Hitler Justin Trudeau, Brand is absolutely on the side of right, if not The Right.

My favorite line was “governments like control and power! That’s what their job is. The same as Coca-Cola likes sugary brown water.”

The fact is that this is humorous and a little nutty in places and still stands out as practically a master class on what is wrong with the government seizing virtually unlimited powers under the guise of “emergency.”

I hope Americans are listening to the people saying this. Because what Trudeau is doing is just testing the water. Soon enough this will be used as enforcement of the vaccine regime across the western world. All part of the new age of fascism.

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