WATCH: S.E. Cupp gets into tense exchange with Angela Rye over gun control on CNN

S.E. Cupp was on with Angela Rye today on CNN to discuss gun control and it doesn’t take long before the two are butting heads with each other:

For the most part I agree with S.E. Cupp in this interview. Banning assault weapons isn’t going to stop school shootings, just as it didn’t before. And she’s not wrong about Democrats failing to push through the ban on assault weapons after it had expired, when they had super majorities in Congress. It just isn’t doable any longer, no matter what Rye says.

While Rye gives lip service to some of S.E. Cupp’s other ideas, it’s pretty clear the brunt of what she wants is to ban AR-15s.

It gets even testier when Rye says that Democrats need to take out the NRA, blaming them for the reason why Democrats failed to reinstate the assault weapons ban. As a member of the NRA, S.E. Cupp personalized and took great umbrage real fast, asking how Rye wanted to ‘take her out’ because she’s a member. Rye explained she wanted to get other groups involved to steer Congress towards more gun control, which would lessen the NRA. S.E. apparently didn’t hear that and it almost went off the rails there for a second.

Either way, S.E. isn’t wrong. Liberals constantly want to bash the NRA because it’s a powerful 2nd Amendment organization that has millions upon millions of members.

There’s a lot more in the interview above. Watch it.

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