Watch Sarah Palin’s freedom-loving NRA-ILA Leadership Forum Speech

Sarah Palin gave a great speech today at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum and you can watch it below.

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140 thoughts on “Watch Sarah Palin’s freedom-loving NRA-ILA Leadership Forum Speech

  1. Shame that Palin chose celebrity over politics.  She connects to people, very rare talent that most pols would die for

    1. redford041 She didnt choose one over the other she has the same message she had when she entered the National stage, the open market chooses Sarah Palin, her celebrity goes hand in hand with her Politics and therefore she has a huge audience via social media, TV, and speechs. When Sarah,tweets/Facebooks/ or speaks, people listen. To your chagrin Sarah Palin will contiue to have a huge voice and be a force of nature going foward.

  2. This is great, Mama Grizzly still clawing away at the democrat liberals and their tree of shame whos branches permeates the lives of Americans all across this land.

    1. Jerseygal You are correct, Sarah Palin is going to be even a bigger force going foward in the future, she has something you cant teach or learn, she is a born charasmatic leader.

      1. If she were a born charismatic leader, she and McCain would have swept to victory in 2008.

  3. Sarah speaks for me and I am sure for all true Conservatives everywhere. We love You Sarah! Keep speaking the truth that the left (Obama/Media/Hollywood) hides from the Sheeple! Tea Party Solutions is the only way to fix our problems!

  4. Giggles on this, can you imagine if Sarah Palin was Ted Cruz’s press secretary and the MSM had to weasel and suck up to get a statement or interview?????

      1. Jerseygal Orangeone Do they make Depends large enough for the libtards to wear with their “big boy pants” as Judge Jeanine would say?

        1. Orangeone Jerseygal Gee, that depends….  LOL  and I doubt it.  Libs are really cry babies about everything, don’t think they even own ‘big boy pants.’  Wait.. is that sexist?

        2. Jerseygal Orangeone We could even it out and give them granny panties to wear over their Depends and under their big boy pants.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself….equal opportunity you know…

        3. Orangeone Jerseygal Oh  my, I think we have to Uni-Sex it… and just call them ‘tighty-whities’  or is that one racist?  Dang, I just can’t win!

  5. …”for a president who WRITES THE BOOK ON EXPLOITING TRAGEDY!” That is the honest to goodness truth!

  6. I just finished to watch Sarah’s speech the second time and my observation is clear; she is working diligently on her voice. Although we have ALWAYS loved EVERYTHING she would say during her ALL previous speeches, let’s say GREAT SPEECHES , this time she sounded extremely sharp and strong. Because it was hes first performance where she decided to lower her voice I had an impression that she had some, albeit very little visible, trouble with controlling this lower tone and not to be carried away by her usual enthusiasm and exuberance (that we therwise LOVE so much) the message she delivered sounded much stronger and firmer than in the past.
    I don’t believe that there is no some HIGHER STRATEGIC PURPOSE in her decision to work on her voice and modify it. At least it was how I saw it frfom the distance of 20 000kms.
    Overal, I was very impressed.
    Greetings from Australia – Bogdan

    1. BogdanJodkowski Hey, a fellow Australian conservative and RightScoop fan. Howdy. I’m in Melbourne myself. No, really. Colonel Neville.

      1. Colonel Neville BogdanJodkowski Hi there Colonel and thanks for your comment. I used to visit your blog every day and liked it very much until I became infatuated with everything that happens around Sarah so I moved from Aissie blogosphere to the American one.
        However, I still visit Andrew Bolt’s webside every day. It is a must.
        Are you still maintaining your blog? If that is so, I’d be happy to return to reading it.
        Greetings – Bogdan

    2. BogdanJodkowski I guess this seems to be a problem for people that want to find something to criticize.  It never bothered me because…….well, dang……..she is a girl.  There’s no getting around that.  However, after three years with Fox there has been a change.  I am not sure I like it because it just sort of tamps down the passion and enthusiasm.  I love what she says and she will always have my ear.  I will never use the mute button or change the channels when Sarah is on.  Our other so-called leader is like poison to me.  I can’t bear to look at him nor can I bear listening to him.  I am told he has a great voice.  Well, if he does it always lies.  So……what does that tell you?

    3. BogdanJodkowski I trust Gov Palin to use her voice the way that best gets her points across  I stand with her

        1. BogdanJodkowski K-Bob Well, I’m sure you’d appreciate if we could help you folks with The Gizzard.  Like it went with barack, I was amazed she won another election.
          Once in a while I look to see what Tim Blair is on about, and Andrew Bolt.
          Any others I should check out?

          (Is there a party like UKIP in OZ?)

  7. Great speech.  
    Just for the record, 7-11 and the Big Gulp were exempt from the Bloomberg soda ban.  Which shows just how capricious that ridiculous law would’ve been.

      1. YoJoe glegakis Excellent, symbollism is lost on the intellectual lightweights of the left.

    1. glegakis The Governor knew that she was making a point on the Nanny state versus Freedom – she is great!!!!

  8. I rather enjoyed her speech. I really like Sarah and always will.  I mean no disrespect to any so please bare with me on this. Regardless of the fact that there are many differing opinions about our various conservative leaders, and some say one particular person would be great and another will find the fault with that person as to why he or she would not be great for the conservative side. We must remember that the left loves to see conservatives arguing amongst themselves.  Never will there be a conservative leader that is going to be all things to all people, but if we are to win this fight and begin to take back our country and our rights we must stand united behind those that are willing to put themselves “out there” and lead our movement. If we do not unite behind these folks completely we will fail again in taking back control of Washington.  A unified conservative people, taking steps, even if they are small steps to keep America on the right path.  I would be willing to bet that there are some conservatives who lie in bed at night thinking ” if only I had gone and voted for Romney….”   
    Keep up the fight for our Nation, God bless you all and may God bless the United States of America.

  9. While all the potential milktoast  2016 PC candidates tread the fine line as not to offend their enemies, Sarah Palin is like a Marine she heads towards the danger, cuts through the BS and tells it like it is. She would make a great leader of this country!

    1. Willie Heath  
      Surely, a Leader. She has been a great voice now that stands together with Freedom loving folks of this Nation since her first national introduction  as a VP candidate with old McCain. 
      Truely , Palin if she decide so in 2016 to run and win, will be a great leader of the people of this nation.
      I shall still support her either way. Great connect with the folks, great encouragement, love the voice of honesty, she is very trusting with easy feeling compare to current potus, after Obama, Bohner, and many politicians talk, I don’t even have a grue what the heck were they babbling bubbles about.

    2. Willie Heath Jim Robinson  Interesting to see that.
      533 responses so far…

    1. PJRodman Sarah has a 100% lock on awesomeness.  She is the Conservative that can win.  Now the big question is, will she run?

  10. After reading all the positive comments I gave Sarah one more chance and watched the speech…….I like her, her heart’s in the right place, she relates well to a sector of the conservative movement but she just doesn’t have the broad appeal that is needed. I don’t think she’s dumb and she’s come a long way in her education just like many of us have……but although unfair, she is the left’s Joe Biden. Because she was so damaged by the press even stupid leftist feel comfortable questioning her intellectual fitness.
    Now take a Ted Cruz for instance…..I’m sure he’s hated just as much or more than Palin by the left……but they fear him, he’s fast on his feet, accomplished, and intellectually agile……if you go after him too hard he’ll make you look like a fool and you’ll end up on a video at drudge or right scoop for 3 days getting your a$$ handed to you
    Sarah Palin just does not have that kind of gravitas.

    1. sqdog99Apparently you didn’t grasp the gist of the speech.  Palin’s task in speaking at the NRA is not to do intellectual battle with the leftists and progressives but rather to encourage the supporters of freedom to continue to fight for their constitutional freedoms.  It would have been inappropriate to speak over the heads of the audience to any lefties who might have been listening.  Palin was spot on when she said that the main issue is how do we develop people who have the moral character to live in a free society.  The NRA crowd knows this as the mission of their organization is to promote responsible gun ownership.  She was speaking to them and her speech was exactly what was needed.

      1. The speech was fine I was making a more general observation. Sarah Palin’s appearance on the scene at the 08 RNC was the only exciting thing that happened during the entire campaign ……unfortunately it was the pinnacle of her political career.

        1. sqdog99 Don’t even bother posting constructive thought to Sarah Palin.  A slight criticism will raise the hair on the back of the neck (probably the whole head) of her staunch supporters.   Many of the same people who worship Palin will be the first to denigrate another conservative.  Start reading the threads and you will see that I am right on this. 
          And this advice is coming from someone who generally has always supported Palin.  Leave this alone trust me; unless you want to be sliced and diced!  LOL

        2. ‘Worship’, Amjean? C’mon now. That was not a ‘slight criticism’, it was an attempt to put down and marginalise, and yes to antagonize. It was an attack.
          I don’t see Palin supporters here denigrating Cruz, Paul, Lee, or other conservative that much. There are lots of rinos to draw that fire. I do see ‘slight criticisms’ on about the same level.

        3. Yeah I see that….I even got called a troll. Like you I always supported Palin and defended her when she was being treated unfairly which was pretty often…..I was merely pointing out that there is no future for her in national politics.This is not a revelation by any means but pretty much common knowledge in the conservative movement. When it comes to Palin Right Scoop reminds me of one of those of one of those little Pacific Islands where a couple Japanese solders were still fighting the war years after it was over.

        4. sqdog99 What you call “common knowledge” I call “conventional wisdom”.
          This is one of the reasons the “conservative movement” has grown moribund after Reagan. It lets the Left set its tone for it.
          Palin doesn’t make that mistake, and I think you might be pleasantly surprised by what she does in future.

        5. Amjean sqdog99 I could copy/paste your post on any Rand Paul thread since you constantly bow down and worship the illegal alien amnesty promoting Liberal Lite lying to Americans as a conservative, of which he is not.

        6. Amjean sqdog99 The critics can’t stand criticism, that’s for sure.
          I say bring it.  Just be prepared to defend it, because we’ve hear it all.

        7. sqdog99 You must mean a little island about the size of Australia.
          Good luck trying to marginalize people.  I don’t care about the left, but I can guarantee you on the right there are more folks who support Sarah Palin than don’t.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves.

    2. sqdog99 Unfortunately, you confuse wonkery with leadership, which is something Palin has in spades.
      When you let the Left set your agenda and define who you should support, that’s what happens to you.
      Palin demands that you stand up and fight for what you believe in, but you want to jump through the hoops that the left has for you first.

      1. section9″Unfortunately, you confuse wonkery with leadership” — yeah, that’s what I meant, too but you said it more succinctly.

        1. CBDenver BTW, this is no slam at Ted Cruz, who would make a fine candidate for the Top Job. I just don’t think he’s been through the fire yet as Palin has. I think he’s capable of it, though. I am NOT sure that he has Palin’s Leadership Gene, however. People who have that, like Clinton and Reagan, are extremely rare in politics.

        2. section9 CBDenver I’d like to offer more info on Cruz.  Cruz went through a heck of a fire running for the US Senate against Perry’s buddy and the DNC.  When you bring an argument to the SCOTUS, in this case, Heller, arguing for 31 states you go through he11.  He was also TX’s youngest solicitor general.  I’m not saying Palin wasn’t rung through the ringer, she was but Ted has had a lot of tough fights, including those on the Judiciary Committee battling Demorats and is getting stronger every day.  
          I want to see him as our next POTUS with Palin in a vital cabinet appointment where she can bring our energy independence once and for all.

        3. Orangeone section9 CBDenver Palin/Cruz will be an outstanding ticket for 2016.

      2. I know she had her reasons but Palin’s leadership cred really took a hit when she resigned the governorship.
        Palin, just like Ron Paul, have and had important roles to play but none of those roles involve being elected to a national office.

        1. famouswolf All the usual stuff from these same folks. It has become pathetic.

        2. sqdog99 The “she quitted!” folks just won’t stop beating that dead horse.
          The only people that care about that anymore are people who are no friend to Conservatism.

    3. sqdog99 Sounds like the words of a concerned troll, there is other sites where you can take your concern!

    4. ROFL Really don’t appreciate the comparison with Biden, there, pal. Who cares what the lefties ‘think’? I’m not impressed with your ‘concern’, and oh yeah, ‘gravitas’ is a liberal buzzword to me. It’s Palin you all fear.

        1. Orangeone famouswolf Definitely.  At Politico, National Review, and DailyCaller (just to name a few sites I;ve seen recently), every Cruz article brings out the slobbering ding-dongs like Pavlov’s bell.
          If anything, they hate him already more than they hate Palin.

        2. K-Bob Orangeone famouswolf Love it K-Bob “slobbering ding-dongs” They are so empty in their posts I wonder if they can tell the day of the week most days. I’m cruising with Ted the Cruzzz missile!

    5. sqdog99 Actually, she does.  And actually they do.  She’s not called Mama Grizzly for nothin’.

  11. We are so blessed to have this family of freedom fighters…tell it like it is…be very afraid…

  12. Thanks for taking on the elite hypocrites, Gov. Palin. You have more stones then the entire phony DC, media crowd.

  13. I do believe she will be throwing in her hat come 2016… I feel it in my bones. I can pray, can’t I??

    1. JohnQueue I do too, John. She has been diligently going about dismantling, Obama and the lefties along with the Rino’s at every turn. Her public appearances have become much more frequent. Her uncanny ability to drive debate and conversation with a mere tweet or FB post is astounding. Name anyone else that can do that.

    2. JohnQueue There’s some indication on Twitter she may run for US Senate in Alaska in 2014…..Can you see her and Cruz slapping the lefties daily with Mike Lee and Rand Paul joining in for fun?

      1. Orangeone JohnQueue That would be an absolute waste of her talents. One voice in a hundren in a log rolling crony institution. She is a natural leader with a record of effective executive action. Her leadership could help restore the two houses of Congress to what they once were.

    3. JohnQueue The way this country is being destroyed BUT more and more people are also waking up, come 2016, maybe even some former ObotZombies might be begging her to run.  I can dream can’t I?

  14. She’s an amazing woman!  What I wouldn’t give for her to be President!  I love Sarah!

  15. Hi there friends. Have you noticed that Sarah has lowered her voice? In that she presents herself as a strong, determined leader rather than a fiesty, excited and exuberant woman. It is an indicator that she is working towards giving the great numbers speeches that shall bear even more weight than those in the past.
    Having said that, I think that it was a bit too short at least for my liking.
    Greetings ffrom Australia

      1. Mainely Steve BogdanJodkowski Definitely.  There were several speakers, and many of them have to rush in and right back out again, so time scheduling is critical at these things.

  16. Killer. Nobody can deliver a surgical strike to the heart of political correctness like Palin. She’s at the top of her game right now. Thanks for sharing the video.

  17. The only thing people from anywhere want to here is the truth…just the truth..IS THAT SO MUCH to ask??

    I’ll say it again…..Sarah Palin imho, Is the epitome of truth, unvarnished, unashamed, simple & JUST THERE as we all instinctively know, as we all know when to take a pee-pee…ingrained into our hearts…..instincts we just KNOW!

    Such a breath of cleanliness, such an intuitive leader of hearts, just like yours and mine……HELP her win more hearts!

    Sarah P., you brought this Canucks’ eyes to tears again with your HONESTY!

    2014 is coming sooner than you think, have you signed up to HELP elect CONSERVATIVES yet????

    1. It is kinda scary when she says what YOU’VE been thinking isn’t it! It means that she is one of us, an everyday freedom loving citizen!   VG

    2. BlueGood  You are so right, it is instinctive to recognize good as well as evil.

  18. That was a good dose of optimism from the well of a young sage who COULD lead the troops of this exceptional nation to victory in restoring US.

    1. You are a sicko Gene. Crawl back under your rock! It must really suck to be as useless and depraved as you are, you one post freak. Have a nice day!

    2. GeneMelvin PAWatcher  The agony of the leftard troll. Your pain is my satisfaction…

    1. Susanb958 Susan, try using the Firefox browser. It wouldn’t play for me using Chrome.

  19. Thanks so much Scoop What a leader she is. Inspirational and able to identify the key issues and articulate so well the basic core values of the country. On the speeches thread I had identified some of the excellent speeches today, IMO. I did not mention Santorum. He gave a superb speech. The speech of a leader.

  20. WOW!!  It is truly amazing how much ground this human dynamo of a woman can cover concisely in 12 short minutes! The Mama Grizzly was in full attack mode and taking no prisoners! Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, the idiot and freakish mayor of NYC, the media, all felt her claws rendering their flesh, and her fangs ripping them apart! The Grizzly was hungry!
    Her admonition that Freedom is dying under our present leadership in the White House and Congress is spot on.

    Perhaps it is just me but it seemed as if she was once again dropping some hints of what her future plans may be, such as, ” that’s what I do, lead the troops,” INDEPENDENT Alaskan, wanting the 4 1/2 million NRA members on her side, to name just a few.
    Somehow, after a rousing Palin speech, the world always looks a little bit brighter, and you come away feeling that there is hope for America…………………….IF the right person is leading. 
    I still believe that the right person for the job of POTUS 45 is Sarah Palin.

    1. virginiagentleman1 Yes VG, she can cover more ground more accurately and succinctly in five minutes than most in an hour.

      1. Do you think we are witnessing the beginning of a Palin ascendancy to the White House, my dear de Tocqueville? 
        Since she has come out of her winters slumber in Alaska, she has been on fire, and has been the headliner at most conservative functions. 
        If I were a betting man, I’d bet she has her eyes set on the White House for 2016.

        1. virginiagentleman1 I think we are. I have noticed in her speeches now she is focusing on certain areas but with a common underlying theme. I believe she is building a grand strategic vision for the country which will be spelled out and hammered homme over the next three years. I should be exciting and ‘restorative’!

  21. She is great / voice of the common American citizen .. leads by example, much, more, down the road .. 2014 Sarah / us win .. OB lame ..  Sarah strong, the way it should be ..

        1. Cheetah Yeah, I’m on Chrome and it’s DOA. The stream also was working earlier, but then croaked.

        2. stage9 Cheetah 
          Seriously – I clear my history constantly in Chrome
          It really helps 
          Go to the = in the right corner 
          Go to history and clear browsing data 
          from the “beginning of time” 
          BUT uncheck the cookies – if you want 

          It does help – a lot

      1. therightscoop stage9 I would like to grab that Cam guy and give him a shake.

        1. deTocqueville1 therightscoop stage9 Cam has a broadcast that is 100% focused on guns, gun use (a lot of hunters, of course, but also LEO’s and folks who train in personal defense), the Second Amendment, and keeping up with gun  laws, so I think we can cut him some slack.  But a commercial break in her speech was a real dud move.

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