WATCH: Senator Hawley ain’t buying what Sally Yates is selling…

Senator Hawley clearly isn’t buying what Sally Yates is trying to sell in the hearing this morning, namely that she didn’t know her deputy, Bruce OHr, was coordinating contact between Fusion GPS and the FBI and that she didn’t realize the FISA applications she signed misled the FISA court.


Be sure and watch the entire clip because Hawley’s comments immediately triggered Feinstein, who called them unnecessary and inflammatory. Graham responded by defending Hawley saying his comments are not inflammatory, that they are the truth, adding “Bruce Ohr is apparently going rogue.”

Graham continued saying “You got her deputy orchestrating interviews and meetings, and he tells the FBI in November you need to watch Steele. What the hell’s going on over there?! That’s why we’re doing this.”

Hawley came to his own defense, arguing “We have a deliberate and systematic misleading of a federal court here. I don’t think you can say anything more inflammatory than what the federal court itself said when they issued an incredible statement – I’ve never seen a federal court, let alone the FISA court issue – saying that they now have no confidence in any of the submissions of the FBI based on the level of lying!”

Here’s another ‘revelation’ from the hearing this morning that reportedly got mocked by Graham:

While the hearing was underway, President Trump tweeted that Yates has zero credibility and was in on it all along:

UPDATE: Below is the fuller clip of Hawley’s questioning of Yates:

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