WATCH: Sidney Powell reveals the U.S. seized Dominion servers in Germany and much more…

Sidney Powell was on with Glenn Beck this morning to discuss the election fraud cases she’s pursuing and you can listen to the full interview below:

Here are a few things of note from the interview:

Powell told Glenn Beck this morning that she’s hearing that it was in fact the US that seized the Dominion servers in Germany. She’s also heard that there were lines from four other countries going into those servers, countries she says are extremely adverse to the interests of the United States.

Powell noted there were multiple ways to make vote alterations on the Dominion servers, saying that a person sitting at the data center where the votes are coming in could do it in real time. They can also put an algorithm across the board to do the initial shifting, and then apparently it can be done manually at each data collection point.

Beck mentioned that his YouTube channel was demonetized yesterday for carrying Powell’s press conference.

There’s more in the interview so be sure and watch it before YouTube finds a reason to take it down.

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